Piers Morgan: Jameela Jamil’s Twitter feud while the feminist blocks GMB’s account | United Kingdom | news

The GMB host, who had his fair share of disagreements on Twitter, found himself stuck by Jameela Jamil in a shocking move from the feminist campaign. Jamil also changed his account privately, after old tweets resurfaced where he criticized the late Caroline Flack scheduled plastic surgery show.

Morgan replied to a tweet in which Ms. Jamil had paid tribute to the former Love Island host and criticized the trolls on social media.

He said, “YOU are one of the worst dog pilots on social media, as you showed when you attacked Caroline’s new show just 3 months ago – without even seeing it.”

This violent attack prompted Ms. Jamil to block the former News of The World editor from her timeline which further irritated Mr. Morgan.

He replied: “Shocked to learn that I was blocked by Jameela Jamil because of my” hateful “rhetoric.

Morgan has been quick to gain support from other celebrities including Laurence Fox, who has responded with his own experience of being at the end of Ms. Jamil’s fiery tweets.

Fox wrote: “Only recently have I overcome it by calling myself a” freshly fucked cock. “

Twitter users were eager to evaluate the topic with their own opinions, after Mr Morgan’s tweet accumulated 36,000 likes.

One said: “Moli – block anyone who has an intelligent discussion. He focuses only on defending his echo chamber which becomes smaller and stronger day by day. “

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The main skeptic about the actress’s admission to allergy was Piers Morgan, who dedicated herself to her personal Twitter to congratulate her on the “miraculous recovery”.

Rewriting a link from the Daily Mail, Morgan commented: “IT’S A MIRACLE! I’m so happy for you @jameelajamil– I hope your other 1,345 victim craving ailments that report virtue will do miraculous recoveries as well. “

Ms. Jamil was quick to respond: “There is no cure for you to be a useless, boring, misogynistic person, * unfortunately.”

Morgan therefore wished the actress to get along well in the midst of her “battle” with “Muchausen Syndrome”.

He mocked: “Hi Jameela, it’s nice to feel like always, especially as you fight your last terrible affliction, Munchausen syndrome. I heard that it can make the “victims” angry and offensive, so I forgive you and wish you all the best with your treatment. “

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