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All the children of the 80s played with their friends to be part of the Red Squad, that group of rebels in the first movie that was released from Star Wars that Luke Skywalker was part of when he succeeded in shooting through a tiny hatch ventilation. Later generations were revived by playing other battles and even got to experience what it was like to be a star pilot in the series. Star Wars: X-Wing which featured several chapters at the end of the century.
EA’s Motive Studios now offers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC the closest experience to getting on one of those ships with Star Wars: Squadrons, a flight simulator in which the player enters the cockpit of the space fighters of the rebel side and the Empire, since the action follows Chapter 6, after the battle of Endor, when the Republic has defeated the Empire and it tries to recover. The campaign, with 16 missions, is entertaining and goes from one side to another; It serves as training for the online multiplayer since it goes through the different ships and thus the player can become familiar with them.
Neither lovers of aerial simulation nor fans of the universe of Star Wars they will be disappointed by the fidelity of the game experience both to one and the other when they are in full battle chasing enemy ships. The cockpit reproduces to the smallest detail what has been seen in the films of the series, the effects during the fighting, the dubbing, the soundtrack … everything responds to what one imagines that fictional world would be in reality.
Pilots, head to the hangar!Between missions the game refers to the command bridge or the hangar, where the ship is chosen; among others are X-Wing y A-Wings in the rebellious part and Tie-Fighter, Tie-Bombre Interceptor in the Empire. Each of them has a different style of flight, some have a stronger defense, others are faster, there are support … and they can also be modified with parts and weapons to adjust it to the characteristics with which the player is feel more comfortable.
In the game onlineThe most relevant part, there are two modes: Fleet Battle (with a strategic combat in which you have to shoot down the opponent’s main ship) and Skirmish (a 5 against 5 confrontation).
To achieve even more realism and immersion it is advisable to play with a HOTAS, peripherals designed for flight simulators, and there is the option to play in virtual reality either on PC or with PSVR on PlayStation 4 and thus be able to see all the points inside the ship. Those who have tried this last possibility affirm that it is the best way to enjoy the game
Pilots, head to the hangar!Pilots, head to the hangar!Squadrons it’s a game based on the universe Star Wars that forgets about the lightsabers and the Force to focus on a more unknown but equally attractive side. The visual aspect of the game and the level of detail, sound and control of Squadrons they manage to convey the feeling of being a space pilot in a galaxy far, far away.


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