Pinamar has no peace: orange alert and threat of new storms

The long weekend of carnival, which starts this Saturday, February 13, has in the report of the National Metereological Service the warning that several tourist spots in the country will be the target of rains and unstable weather. On the Atlantic Coast, this Saturday’s storm, which even included a waterspout, left cars under water and caused the collapse of a hotel and innumerable problems on dirt roads.

Yesterday in Pinamar, where the weather service had announced a yellow alert for that city and the other destinations on the Atlantic coast, the rain caused floods, flooded streets and left cars underwater. From the Civil Defense of Pinamar they told Télam that 200 millimeters fell in 3 hours, which caused a collapse of 20 blocks in the center of the city. For today an orange alert and a similar climate are expected.

Martín Yeza, the mayor of Pinamar, affirmed that the storm “caused material damage” and also “water entered some homes.” The president stated that the municipality team was working at the site and would continue working until late. Today on Radio Miter, affirmed that the National Meteorological Service had not warned about temporary size.

60 kilometers from Pinamar, in the seaside resort of La Lucila del Mar, weather conditions generated a waterspout, a tornado of water that was filmed from the beach advancing through the sea and that occurred as a result of precipitation but also strong gusts of wind.

Meanwhile, on the Atlantic Coast they are preparing to experience the best weekend of the summer season at a tourist level, but the worst in terms of weather, because Rains are expected for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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In the city of Mar del Plata, the SMN announces heavy rains from Saturday to Monday, especially in the early hours of Sunday. For Saturday rainfall is announced all day, with a minimum temperature of 20 degrees and a maximum of 25. On Sunday there are similar weather conditions. On Monday the weather would improve slightly, with fewer showers and a sunny afternoon, only on Tuesday.

Both in Villa Gesell and in Partido de la Costa, conditions similar to those of Mar del Plata are expected, with a continuation of the rains from Saturday to Tuesday and maximum temperatures that would not exceed 25 degrees,

Weather in Buenos Aires: the rains continue until next week

In the Federal Capital and the Metropolitan Area, rains are expected for Saturday and Sunday, with maximum temperatures that will not exceed 27 degrees. On Monday a cessation of water is expected, but with the sky completely cloudy and thermal marks that will be located between 21 and 28 degrees. On Tuesday the sun will again be seen in the Federal Capital but the temperature will drop, reaching the minimum at 17 degrees and the maximum at 26.

In Tandil, the weather conditions will not be better because rains are expected for Saturday and Sunday, while Monday and Tuesday the weather will improve. The best day of the long weekend in the mountain area will be Monday, where a day is expected that will have a minimum temperature of 16 degrees and a maximum of 27 with sun.

Rains in Córdoba, Misiones and Mendoza

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Another resort with rainy weather will be Villa Carlos Paz, Like a large part of the province of Córdoba, it will have a presence of water throughout the weekend, except for Saturday, with a cloudy day and a temperature greater than 30 degrees.

Weather forecast: rain until Monday

On the other hand, the Iguazu Falls, in Misiones, is expected to move beyond the forecast of rainy weather. Saturday, Sunday and Monday it will rain on the falls, which will have maximum temperatures above 30 degrees during the long weekend, while on Tuesday the sun will rise again.

In Mendoza, one of the most chosen cities for this long weekend, the mountain destination will have one of the best climates compared to the rest of the country. In much of the province, rains are announced for Saturday, but from Sunday the sun will rise and it will remain that way until Tuesday, with maximum temperatures above 30 degrees.

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