Pirelli at the Turkish GP: “There is almost no grip”

That’s how clear the head of Pirelli, Mario Isola, was in an interview during practice 2 of the Turkish GP. He has indicated that the problems that the cars have had during the two sessions is due to the fact that “there is almost no grip“.

Both training sessions have been catastrophic in terms of stability of the track and its evolution. The bad feelings that the pilots had were evident from the opening minutes of the first session, when Verstappen commented on the radio that he seemed to be driving on ice. Situation that has not improved much with the passage of time or with the laps of the cars during the two free practice sessions.

The lap times also showed the difficulty of keeping the car on the track, when the first times were around 1:44, about 20 seconds slower than the expected lap time. This time has been with the hard tires – which could well last the whole weekend – because with the soft tires and with the evolution of the track they have managed to lower the time to 1:28, even so, still very far from the lap time provided.

Mario Isola if he shows it critical with the organization of the circuit for having resurfacing the track apparently without having informed either the Federation or Pirelli. A new asphalt has much less grip for the tires than a heavily rolled or worn one. In addition, stains on the track at some points as a reason for the repair of cracks has not helped the stability of the cars.

– “It would bring C2, C3 and C4” –

Apparently, when the Turkish Grand Prix was given the green light, both Pirelli, the circuit and the Federation agreed to it under certain conditions where Pirelli opted to bring their harder compound set. But after the unannounced resurfacing of the route, Mario Isola has indicated that knowing of these conditions would have brought the compounds a step softer.

After the first sessions and the deliveries of tires returned to Pirelli for evaluation and analysis, it was seen that the sets were practically new, with hardly any wear or cracks, as a result of the low abrasion of the track, the little grip and the hardness of the tires. compounds.

Some pilots have complained that they cannot put the tires in temperature to bring them to the work window which makes it even more difficult to make them have more grip on the track. None of the three compounds seems to work due to the excessive hardness and, in addition, in the soft ones it appears graining on the right side, which also means that there is less grip.

Isola does not believe that with these compounds the predicted times of 1:24 can be achieved so in all probability we will see a race to a stop, because at least one is mandatory, since both the medium and the hard could well endure the entire race.

Everything is ready and to be decided for the classification where everything is expected to be unpredictable when the drivers have to risk the most to pass the round and, above all, to know who will start on Sunday from pole.

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