Pirelli, no response to lack of grip seen this Friday in Turkey

Italians hope the track improves both tomorrow and Sunday

They have an eye on the rain, as it could complicate everything even more

The differences between compounds are 0.9 between soft and medium and 0.8 between medium and hard

Turkey’s return to Formula 1 has been marked by a non-grip asphalt that has forced the drivers to go slower than expected throughout the day on Friday. On a different day, Pirelli has concluded that the differences between the tires are nine tenths between soft and medium and eight tenths between medium and hard.

The humidity, the cold and the harder tires have combined with a new asphalt without grip that has complicated things a lot during the three hours of testing for all the drivers. The degradation of the tires has been very small – the Italians have taken the toughest possible range to Istanbul – so the strategy to a stop for the race is gaining momentum.

The compound most used during the day was the hardest, the soft-colored tire had more laps than his other two teammates and even Max Verstappen set the best FP1 time with it. The one from the Netherlands has repeated in FP2, but this time with the softer compound.

Pirelli’s head of competition, Mario Isola, acknowledged that something like this was not expected to happen today. The Milanese brand expected something similar to Portugal, but things have been much more complicated. Also, the fact that there are no support categories this weekend makes everything even more difficult.

“The new asphalt in Istanbul Park, which is less than two weeks old, has been very slippery. In fact, we expected something very similar to Portugal, but it was very different, as grip was poor. The track has improved a lot despite not having support categories, but we must also take into account that they wet the asphalt yesterday, and therefore, there were very slippery areas, “said Isola after the two free practice sessions.

Isola highlights the fact that graining has been seen on the soft tire, which is common in these types of conditions. On the other hand, he maintains that track conditions should improve both tomorrow and Sunday and grip should increase. Of course, if the rain makes an appearance, it could complicate something that is already complicated in itself much more.

“We have seen some graining on the soft tire, something normal in these conditions and when the cars are moving so much. The situation should improve over the weekend, and with the rubber remaining on the track the tire temperatures would have It has to be higher. However, we have to look at the chances of rain for the weekend, if it rains it could be even a bigger challenge for everyone, “explained Isola to finish.

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