By Kate Holton and William James

LONDON (Reuters) – British opposition parties launched conflicting campaigns to overthrow Prime Minister Boris Johnson and prevent him from removing the United Kingdom from the European Union without agreement, revealing fractures within the anti-Brexit movement and complicating his chances of success .

Johnson has promised to culminate Brexit on October 31 with or without an agreement, opening the door to a confrontation in Parliament, where a majority of lawmakers oppose an EU divorce without a transition agreement.

In this context in which Parliament is the main obstacle to Johnson's promises, lawmakers are urgently looking for ways to get him out of power or change the law to postpone Brexit.

Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said parliamentarians should support a motion of censure and support him to lead a "provisional government strictly limited in time" that would delay Brexit and call a general election.

"This government has no mandate for a Brexit without an agreement and the 2016 referendum on EU membership did not give a mandate for a Brexit without an agreement," said Corbyn. "Therefore, I intend to file a motion of censure as soon as possible, when we can trust it to succeed."

A handful of Johnson Conservative Party lawmakers said they will listen to Corbyn's proposals. However, his chances of success were complicated after Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party – proposed to Brexit – said that Corbyn is not the right person to lead an emergency government.

"We are facing a national crisis. We may need an emergency government to solve it, but if Jeremy Corbyn really wants to succeed, surely even he can see that he cannot lead it," he said.

Corbyn is unlikely to support Swinson's idea that a leading parliamentarian heads a national unity government.

(Edited in Spanish by Carlos Serrano)

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