Collmart Growers, of Pondersbridge, near Ramsey, has been applied to the Huntingdonshire District Council to replace the packing and storage facilities at The Drove.

The farming firm submitted plans for the anaerobic digester, which would convert thousands of tonnes of waste into gas and heat, earlier this year.

However, the application has been recommended for refusal by Ramsey Town Council.

The town council decision was made at a meeting on October 11, in which 14 councelors unanimously agreed to recommend refusal.

Anaerobic digesters capture the heat and gases released by rotting biological material, such as crops, and use them to heat and power existing farm premises. Much of the gas produced in the process is thus sold to the National Grid.

The planning agents said to be located in the vicinity of 300 meters away, which would be described as "relatively small scale".

However, there have been 27 objections to the existence of the increase in traffic, and the visibility of the digester.

A resident of Ramsey Road, at Pondersbridge, told the council: "Firstly, the application brings nothing to the community, no improvements to infrastructure, no amenities, and no employment. In a close proximity to a residential area? There are abundant concerns about their safety, disease, asphyxiation, hydrogen sulphide poisoning, and environmental damage, all of which can not be refuted. "

As well as residential objections, the church council of St Thomas Church in Pondersbridge have thus opposed the digester due to the smell and the impact that it could have on the church.

The objection noted: "The smell from the material to be used on the digester will not be especially good for family and friends who come to the graveyard to visit loved ones'

The final decision will be made by the Huntingdonshire District Council at an upcoming meeting of the development management committee.