Player of the steam hit Valheim is building a ship from Star Wars

Building houses and forts is great fun in the survival game Valheim. Some players let their creativity run free. So someone built the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

What did the Valheim player build? Building is an important aspect of the survival game. reddit user Colonel-James-Parker proudly shows his work, because he recreated the Millennium Flacon from the Star Wars films. Made of wood, but still. The ship looks very similar to the original. The sensor bowl and laser cannons can also be seen. Han Solo’s spaceship also appears very large in the video.

Interesting are details like torches at the back of the Raging Hawk, which make it look like the jets are active.

In the video, the player even goes on board and walks through the interior. This is set up with everything that Valheim players need in their base. There is even a quasi-cockpit.

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Valheim promotes the creativity of the players

How did the player do that? According to Colonel James Parker, he used the debug console of the Steam hit Valheim to get the necessary resources. So he didn’t laboriously collect them. In this way, the player only needed about half a day to build the Millennium Falcon.

Using the debug console is a kind of creative mode in Valheim. Some players just want to build structures that are as creative as possible and do not want to spend days collecting the necessary raw materials.

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What does the community think about the project? Even if Colonel James Parker used the Valheim debug console, his Rabid Hawk is very well received.

  • harborspirit writes down reddit: “Valheim architects cannot be stopped!”
  • Iconnak says (via reddit): “To be honest, this is the most impressive building project I’ve seen since the game came out. Bravo sir. Bravo.”
  • artinpieces explained (via reddit): “This is badass. I bet the developers never thought that someone would build something like this. “

What’s next? The Valheim community consists of many creative players who want to build structures that are as complex and interesting as possible.

Colonel James Parker explains that he actually wanted to build a Star Wars Star Destroyer. But the Millennium Falcon already brought the frame rate to a collapse. As can be seen in the video, it is quite jerky with such a complex building.

Nevertheless, we can certainly expect more such objects in the game.

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