While Playstation 4 finally has games like hugging rocket League and FortniteSony's new cross-play capabilities are used by developers to select their favorites. Currently, the vehicle shooter and the Battle Royale Brawler are the only titles players can play on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, while other developers are asking about some of the action.

In terms of cross-play, Sony has put many criticisms in the way. Just last year, Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida said the company would not jump on the cross-play bandwagon, defiantly stating, "We always think that PlayStation is the best place to play."Although Sony is entering the cross-play world, some developers claim that favorites are preferred.

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Gaijin Entertainment released one earlier this week Three billboards-inspired Tweet asks why Sony does not support Was ThunderCross-play aspirations. Hi-Rez also went to social media to talk about Sony's cross-play beta initiative. Hi-Rez boss Stew Chisam shared a clip with Ronald Reagan's iconic speech "Tear That Wall" in front of his supporters.

The implication is clear that Sony continues to build barriers to prevent a common front for cross-play games. Chisam said it was time to "stop playing his favorites" and highlighted three Hi-Rez games waiting for Sony's Crossplay.

A second tweet highlights the benefits that Cross-Play has added Paladins, Chisam pointed out that there were 80% fewer "bad" matches. The way it looks, in April Power Rangers: fight for the grid will include cross-play, but not for the PS4. With Hi-Rez known for development Paladins, Smite, and Realm Royale – All have a similar story, including cross-play, but missed the elusive PS4 badge. It's a little easier to see why the studio is annoying at Sony.

Crossplay seems to be the way the game world is slowly moving. Bethesda was known to be critical of Sony and accused its cross-play views as a reason for the suspension Fallout 76 to certain consoles. Nevertheless, players must ask themselves if Crossplay has done anything to improve the dull reception of the title. Last June, Paladins Executive producer Chris Larson said "Sony is not interested in x-play" when a fan asked what was going on with the PlayStation 4.

Sony has previously promised to develop a cross-play solution, but it seems that more and more developers are tired of waiting for them. With developers like Gaijin Entertainment and Hi-Rez continuing to push, it's a matter of waiting to see when and if Sony tilts and approaches Microsoft and Nintendo with a more liberal approach to cross-play.

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Source: Was Thunder Twitter/Stew Chisam

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