Triangle, circle, square and "ex" – that's what we call the buttons on the PlayStation controller for decades.

According to the PlayStation makers Sony, we were wrong the whole time.

In the last few days there has been a debate online about whether the X-Button is pronounced "ex" or "cross", and the company has now officially announced that it is the latter.

Our life was a lie.


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"Triangle Circle Cross Square," they said has tweeted, "If Cross X is called (not), what do you call Circle?"

Well, some people may call it 'oh', but come on – who really calls it 'cross'?

In fact, PlayStation has one official Twitter survey (to which more than 168,000 accounts responded), and a whopping 81% said it was "ex".


Well, in these divisive political times, it's nice to know that we can (mostly) all agree on something.

Nevertheless, Sony is probably right, like a fan on Twitter claimed that cross marks are equidistant between the sticks, while exes have an unequal distance between the sticks.

In the meantime, earlier this year, PlayStation announced that they can change their PSN IDs. You no longer need to use the Cringe ID you created at the age of 12.

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