please stop nonsense

Apple is big on the user experience. But sometimes it falls victim to the same absurdity that I see other companies doing.

I present you Annex A in this pop-up window:

Why Apple, why?

It seems innocent at first. I fired him, thinking that I would never see him again.

Oh yeah. Apple wants you to see this.

Possibly until the end of time.

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Okay, it’s a small thing, one click and it’s gone. But my real problem with this is that you are using MY notification area, a place that I spent time customizing and curating to show me what I want to see.

This notification adds unwanted garbage to this and makes me want to ignore all pop-ups or turn them off (not sure if that would kill Safari’s pop-up).

So Apple, if you want me to use Safari, make a compelling comment, do it at most one (and I personally think it sucks to do it at least once) and then voila.

Won’t you give me that respect? Then choose one of the Never again. Not one Later.

This is stupid

This is stupid

I pushed Apple into this kind of nonsense in the past, and while macOS still does it less than Windows, it seems like a slippery slope where we end up with pop-ups for all sorts of things.

Why do I think this is a slippery slope? I hate the fact that Apple sells ad space in the app stores. It makes them look cheap and allows someone else to pay to come between me and what I’m looking for.

For a company that extracts the amount of money Apple raises, and for a company that raises as much as Apple raises for products, I really hoped they would get rid of all that nonsense.

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