Karen Mitchell's work is terrible – and that's the ultimate compliment. The bakeress specializes in the crazy and wonderful and creates cakes that are so cruel that their new store is provided with a warning.

The four-headed mother, who founded her own company Sugarlicious from her home five years ago, said, "Some horror-pie cakes are on display, I'm a huge horror geek, traveling across the country to conventions.

"Every day is like Halloween for me."

One of the cakes on display is Frankenbunny (pictured above), who won gold at the Cake International show in Birmingham last November and is now Karen's pride and joy.

Also on display in the Kimberley store are Batman and Harley Quinn, created to mark the 80th anniversary of the superhero.

The Walking Dead, Friday the 13th, Chucky, Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger, the scary clown in Stephen King's IT, and Frankenstein's monsters have provided inspiration for terrible designs.

"I made a 3-foot zombie cake for Thorpe Park that opens the Walking Dead ride," said Karen, 46, an expert in making undead, skulls, and werewolves of sugar paste and icing.

Chucky Cake with children's actor Alex Vincent, who played Andy
Chucky Cake with children's actor Alex Vincent, who played Andy

"I've met horror movie celebrities at congresses, including Walking Dead's Michael Rucker and Alex Vincent, who played Andy in the Chucky movies."

The horror cake is only part of Karen's extensive repertoire, centering on festive cakes for every occasion, including birthdays, baby showers and divorces.

Edible shoes, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, whiskey bottles, pugs and flowers are among the sweeter, less gruesome designs.

This pug is so lifelike
This pug is so lifelike

Prior to founding Sugarlicious, single mother Karen was unemployed and benefited from social benefits. She had trained as a plumber and qualified, but under family circumstances, she had to rethink her career options.

Around this time, her son was diagnosed with a PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) syndrome in the autism spectrum, which means he has neither empathy nor fear.

"Every day I got calls from the school asking if I should pick him up, I could not get a job – who dropped my tools and went away to pick up my son every day?

"I thought I was OK to bake cakes, and gave it to the job center so I could start my own business from home, I always baked cakes, I learned how to decorate cakes at Clarendon College, and then Dawson & #. 39; s Bakery worked in Sneinton Dale. And I always baked for my kids.

"I've been doing business for five years now, but it's getting too big for my house," Karen said. And in more ways than one.

"I did a crane wedding cake that moved 360 degrees and I could not get her out the door so she had to go out the window," she added.

She will continue to bake at her home in Kimberley, but decorate the cakes in the new store on Main Street. She will also sell cupcakes, muffins, cornflakes and chocolates and take orders for pies.

A donation of £ 700 from the nation's cake community helped her with the issues of the shop. The money was originally collected via a Go Fund Me page for Molly Robbins, a star of Channel 4's Extreme Cake Makers, after her cake studio burned down.

Sugarlicious from Karen's store in Kimberley
Sugarlicious from Karen's store in Kimberley

"She did not want the money when she was on TV, so somebody recommended me when I was looking for a place and it's gone to the store, the cake community is really good," Karen said.

After opening on Saturday, the store will remain closed until Wednesday, as Karen rides to the semi-finals of the Great Renshaw Bake Off competition in Liverpool at the headquarters of the leading manufacturer of icing, marzipan and frosting.

"We need to design a dummy cake on a cosmic theme, that's all I can say, it's a busy day and then there's a cake-off challenge with fruit and sponge cake."

Karen has won several silver awards at Cake International's annual exhibitions. The first in 2015 was for a 29-kilogram 42-inch deer, which was exhibited for three months in the Wollaton Hall.

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