It was a cold day in the area. The first with under-normal temperatures during the day in a while. Sadly, nocturnal readings on the mild side probably led to this day as another above average in the books. As is usually the case here, there is also more rain on the way. Listen to our daily D.C. predictions: Apple Podcasts Amazon Echo | More options Until tonight: a few showers are possible tonight, but every steady rain has to be late. Lectures will settle for lows in the 1930s. Most or all stains must remain above freezing. View the current weather at The Washington Post. Tomorrow (Tuesday): a few showers can linger in the early morning, otherwise the skies will become clearer after a while. In most places the temperature would have to rise in the 1950s. Perhaps warmer if we really optimize the potential. Winds are from the south and southwest, about 5 to 10 mph.
A gray day in the Capitol. (Clif Burns / Flickr) See Jason Wensow's prediction over the weekend. And if you have not already done so, follow us on Facebook and follow us twitter and Instagram. For related traffic news, view Gridlock. Roll cloud? A nice feature appeared today in the air of the Southern Plains. It was probably a roll cloud of some sort, caused by air that collided along a border. Do you want our 5 a.m. prediction in your e-mail inbox? Sign up here.