OXORD, N.S. – The sun of 4/27 cut in two the meridian of Oxford where the earth and the sky meet.

This is where the broken bells have deeply touched mortality with soothing sounds.

It's also where Poetry at Large, a two-day event, will return on April 27 for a second year in Oxford.

This year's inaugural offer was successful.

"I would like to build something that will last five years. We want to create consistency, so we do a lot of things we did last year, "said Eleanor Crowley, a member of the organizing committee.

These consistencies include the return of ancestor poetry and, also, popular poetry.

"There will be a circle of poetry composers," said Crowley. "It's putting poetry into songs, like what Ian and Sylvia Tyson started with Gordon Lightfoot."

Last year, poets read poetry in various shops in Oxford, and this year additions have taken place.

"We are doing more water street this year because we have added places in both pizzerias," said Crowley.

In addition, as last year, poets from near and far will participate in Poetry at Large.

"Bruce Graham will be here," said Crowley. "He is from Parrsboro but now lives in Amherst. He makes rustic and local poetry.

Graham has been a reporter and presenter in Nova Scotia for 40 years. He writes fiction and non-fiction.


Saturday, April 27

Breakfast is served from 10:00 to 11:30 at the United Church. The cost is $ 10.

Poetry in the city center from 13h to 15h30

The folk poetry begins at 19h. in the United Church

Sunday, April 28

Café Poésie is open from 13:30 to 15:30. in the United Church