The US police are looking for a serial wedding breaker, accused of having come to the wedding uninvited and stealing gifts.

Detectives believe that the suspect has come forward claiming to be invited to at least three weddings in the San Antonio Texas area since December, before flying off with gifts worth thousands of dollars.

They published CCTV images of the woman they say they are looking for in connection with the robberies.

The unidentified woman has been accused of having taken part in at least four marriages since December. Pic: Comal County Crime Stoppers
Police released CCTV footage of the suspect in the hope of catching him

A $ 4,000 (£ 3,600) reward was offered for any information leading to an arrest, says an article on the Comal County Crime Stoppers Facebook page.

"Do not let her spoil someone else's special day and bring this murderer to justice," he added.

A detective from Comal County told KENS that the amount she had taken is unknown.

"It seems that our suspect has found a lucrative way to make a living and has shown an intelligence in the execution of the way he stole," said the detective.

Brittany and Andy Flores, a couple, discovered that thousands of dollars worth of gifts had been stolen during their honeymoon, the couple told NBC5.

When they arrived in the Mexican resort of Cancun for their nuptials earlier this month, Mrs. Flores' mother called to ask if any of them had taken any of the cards. the table of gifts.

The unidentified woman has been accused of having participated in at least four marriages since last December. Pic: Comal County Crime Stoppers
The unidentified woman was accused of committing at least four marriages.

"And we said to ourselves:" No, what are you talking about? " Said Mrs. Flores.

"I think when we first discovered this, it was a kind of devastating feeling that it had happened.

"And then, when we learned that it had happened to other people too, we thought," Wow, it must stop. "

The newlyweds recognized the woman and felt that she had stolen hundreds of dollars in cash and several thousand dollars in checks and gift cards.

But, they said that they are determined not to let the culprit "take our day off".

Ms. Flores added, "She can not steal our love."