LAKEWOOD, Ohio – Big theft of a vehicle, Harlon Avenue: A resident called the police at around 3:30 am on 6 February to report that their vehicle had disappeared from the driveway. A key was locked in the vehicle.

Burglary, Bunts Road: A woman called the police at 17.40. On February 6, she said she had come home to find her home messy and burglary.

Big theft of a vehicle, Detroit Avenue: A caller told the police at 19 o'clock. On February 6, he found his Toyota Sienna Van missing in the driveway.

Burglary, Ramona Avenue: A resident told the police at 22 o'clock. February 6 that someone broke into his house.

Theft Clifton Boulevard: CVS Pharmacy contacted the police at 3:30 am to report a tune that had stolen a bottle of vodka and headed north out of the store.

Theft, Lake Avenue: A guest at the Days Inn reported on 7 February at 7:00 pm that he had a female visitor in his room. She took his personal belongings and carried the television.

Big theft of a vehicle, Newman Avenue: A woman called the police at around 7:30 am on February 5 to report that her car had been stolen.

Theft, South Lane Drive: One resident reported on February 5 that a parcel was delivered home yesterday, but had disappeared before the resident had retrieved it.

Theft, Davis Court: The police report that late one night, on the 3rd or the beginning of February, someone had walked through the unlocked Ford Edge and Ford Escape parked in the driveway.

Break and Enter, Edgewater Drive: The police received a report on an office on February 4, which was broken into over a weekend. Someone stole numerous checks and cash.

Big theft of a vehicle, Newman Avenue: A woman called the police at 3pm. To report that on February 3, she had left her keys in her car to run into a flat for a second and someone had stolen the car. Video cameras showed that the vehicle drove east to Cleveland on Detroit.

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