Police officer says police are "unrestrained" about facial recognition techniques

Police officer says police are "unrestrained" about facial recognition techniques

The police's attempts to exploit controversial surveillance measures, including the detection of facial surveillance cameras, are hampered by a complex regulatory system and legal framework, Metropolitan Police Commissioner said.

Cressida Dick said the examinations are hardly dependent on "witnesses and confessions" thanks to the abundance of means of communication, biometrics and other electronic data now available. She said, however, she felt that the officers were not "working in a tremendously encouraging environment" when it came to using them.

In a week after five murders in six days on the streets of London, Dick said that their troop had endured "the most terrible week". She added that Theres May's Met was "hung up to dry", which made life as a Home Secretary of the troupe "rather difficult," as she focused her work on digital high-tech research.

"We see ourselves as being hampered by a rather complex regulatory system and rather complex legal framework," while "bad guys" are "filling their boots" with technology, Dick said to the Telegraph.


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