The police remain at the scene of a huge house fire in North Devon, where a person has still not been found.

Emergency services were called to Coach Drive in Bideford early Monday morning after the fire broke out in a property.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, a spokesman for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Services confirmed that one person was still untraceable, but that access to the building did not help. Was still not possible.

The spokesman said: "They are still calming down from outside because of the building's instability.

The scene of the fire in Bideford

"The structure of the building will have to be assessed before the fire department can return and the full fire investigation takes place."

A spokesman for the police said Tuesday morning: "The guards of the scene remained in place all night and are still in place this morning with officers on the spot".

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Police, firefighters and paramedics were called to a fire at a property located on Coach Drive in Bideford, near the A386, around 5:30 am on Monday, December 2nd.

Police at the scene of the Bideford fire

Huge clouds of smoke could be seen for miles around while the fire was in control.

Sending to Devon Live, the commander of the incidents of the late Graham Rook told Devon Live that one person had still not been found.

He said: "We were called early in the morning to report a house fire.

Fire in Bideford

"We sent two teams from Bideford and a team from Torrington and Barnstaple, four teams in total, and a tanker truck to help us get water.

"At the first team participation, they confirmed the presence of a well-developed fire in the property that affected both floors.

Fire in Bideford

"I arrived 10 minutes after the first crews and I can confirm that the fire breaks out on all floors and that it also crosses the roof.

"At this point we unfortunately still have a person who has not been found.

Fire in Bideford

"We can not access the building at the moment because of stability issues, so we are waiting for a structural engineer to give us more information on where we can access at the moment. "

The police had closed the road earlier, but the ropes have since been lifted.