Susan Svrluga Reporter on higher education for the Grade Point blog November 10 at 13:49 An officer has been suspended by police of Prince George's police after allegations that the officer demanded cash in exchange for leniency during a traffic stop. Two separate incidents were reported in which a duty officer wearing a uniform asked for money and did not issue traffic quotes after receiving the money, according to the head of the police. "I find this extremely disturbing … If proven, this is simply a crime," said Chief Henry P. Stawinski III on Saturday in a press conference. He has released some details of the accusations because the investigation has just started. But he called people to call 301-772-4795 if they were aware of such behavior or were subjected to a similar treatment. "I want the community to know that I am aware of this," he said, adding that the incident would have happened a few weeks ago. Stawinski said he wanted to know if there were similar situations in which an officer asked for a payment of hundreds of dollars in exchange for a reduction of quotations. When the investigation was finished, he said, he would release all information. "I ask for your patience, I ask for your trust, we have allegations from an officer who is leading himself in a way that would undermine public trust," he said. "That does not represent us."


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