Two policemen accused of raping the Canadian tourist in their headquarters in Paris after meeting her in a nearby bar appear in court. French policemen face a gang that rapes a Canadian tourist in 2014Victim says she has met officers in an Irish pub and was invited to tour operator HQShe claims she forced her to drink whiskey and rape her several times

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09:54 EST, January 14, 2019

09:54 EST, January 14, 2019

Two French police officers appeared in court on charges of raping a Canadian tourist five years ago at the Paris Police Station. The policemen, both members of the specialized anti-gang Investigation and Intervention brigade (BRI), are accused of having raped the woman after she tempted her to take a nightly tour of their offices. The victim says that in April 2014 she met a group of officers in an Irish pub across the street, near the river Seine.

The officers, both members of the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI), are accused of rape of the woman in the famous headquarters of the Paris Police (photo) in April 2014. After several drinks they invited her for a private tour through 36 Quai des Orfevres, a famous address depicted in many crime films and novels. The woman would later describe how she had not wanted to ignore the opportunity to visit the legendary location and was given a tour of the officers. She claims that they tried to force her to drink large quantities of whiskey before she hit her head against a desk and raped her several times. After the alleged sexual assault, the Canadian woman claims she was thrown out on the street.

The victim says she met a group of officers in an Irish pub across the street from the police headquarters of Quai des Orfevres in Paris, France. A female policeman saw her outside the headquarters and took her to a nearby hospital where doctors discovered signs. sexually abused. Judges threw the case at first but the prosecutor and the woman won their call to get it for a lawsuit that starts today. The officers have up to 20 years' imprisonment.

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