Poll: Many British public hope that after the Queen abdicates the throne will bypass Charles and hand it over to William

The polling agency Deltapoll surveyed 1,590 adults between March 31 and April 1. The results showed that many British public hope that after the Queen abdicates, the throne will bypass Charles and be handed over to William.

Although Charles has improved his public image over the past 20 years, William’s approval rating still leads him by 20 percentage points (47% vs. 27%).

Young respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 hope that Harry can replace his father and brother as king, although more than half (51%) believe that Harry and his wife Meghan have damaged the reputation of the British royal family.

This data will represent the entire British adult population, and it will shock the British royal family.

After Charles and Princess Diana divorced in 1996, the royal family launched a public relations campaign. In 1997, the royal family dealt with the unfortunate death of Princess Diana.

More than 40% believe that the queen who will turn 95 on April 21 should continue to serve as queen until her death.

One in five believes that she should abdicate when she is in good health.

In contrast, 27% believe that if the queen’s health is not good, she should abdicate.

Ever since Harry and Meghan decided to resign and were interviewed by Oprah, the British public’s perception of them has been polarized.

They accused a royal family member of questioning the color of the unborn child and claimed that Megan was told not to seek help due to mental health issues during pregnancy.

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But 58% think they should be deprived of their royal title.

31% of the respondents believe that their interviews have no effect on the reputation of the royal family, and 9% believe that they have improved their reputation.

Graham Smith, chief executive of the anti-monarchy group Republic, said: “No matter what the poll turns out to be, Charles will become king.”

“However, this survey tells us that people no longer care about the hereditary system and they want a choice.”

“The huge gap between the two generations highlights the degree of disconnection between the royal family and modern ideas.”

“This poll shows that at the beginning of this century, the British royal family will face a major approval rating crisis.”

“With the end of the Queen’s rule, this medieval system will conflict with modern British values. The only feasible solution is for the people to elect our head of state.”

“It’s time for Britain to start a serious and mature debate about who will succeed the queen.”

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