IMPROVEMENTS have been made to a hospital's operating theater since the watchdog has been ordered.

The Care Quality Commission issued Poole Hospital with a warning leaflet last year due to concerns about its surgery department.

Hospital Chief Executive Debbie Fleming welcomed the findings but accepted "more needs to be done".

Whistleblowers are concerned about the watchdog to carry out an unannounced inspection at the hospital last year.

Seven never events – incidents deemed so serious they should never happen – have been reported to the hospital in the last two years.

Inspectors ordered "significant improvements" to be made in April.

In their report, published today, they said that they had been issued and other issues, including medical storage, had previously been identified.

Dr. Nigel Acheson, deputy chief inspector of hospitals in the south, said it was "clear" that improvements had been made.

"We found improved staffing levels, but still have a high use of staff," he said.

"The culture in theaters was improving but was working to get this right. There have been some concerns about this infection and a lack of challenge to poor practice of senior staff. "

Hospital chief executive Debbie Fleming welcomed the findings and said they were "determined" to continue improving.

"We welcome the commissioning of their warning notice, following their inspection in April, and pleased that they have been noted in a range of areas," she said.

"A theaters improvement team meets regularly to tackle issues, while a large new management team, including the new role of matron for theaters, has helped improve patient safety, staff feedback, recruitment and the working environment.

"Nevertheless, there are areas in which we are determined to improve the future, and we have the CQC notes.

She said that the planned redesignation of the hospital would be further developed.