A well-known member of the Slater family is coming back to EastEnders!

Sean Slater will return to soap this year – 10 years after he was last seen on the show, when he fell into a frozen lake.

At that time, the actor Robert Kazinsky left the show to face a bigger challenge in Hollywood, which had proven itself for a short time.

Sean Slater will be back with EastEnders. Image: Twitter / Eastenders Press

He played an important role alongside Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba in the Pacific, Warcraft, Hot Pursuit and the television series True Blood.

However, it is time for him to return to Walford, and he said he has "unfinished business" on the show.

Rob Kazinsky went to Hollywood. Picture: Rex

He said, "Throughout my career, I always felt that my best work at EastEnders as Sean Slater was that there was something in him that I completely understood, something traumatic, something we could never really show the audience.

"I have not completed my business at Albert Square yet and I'm thrilled to be able to return to my home country soon."

He had some success. Picture: Rex

When he went to Twitter, he added, "I'm glad I'm back, and take a short break between the projects, and Kate Oates is a superstar.

"It's something I always wanted to do to thank Sean and the show, and we've worked to add it in the most explosive way." I think you will be entertained. "

He'll be back in Walford soon. Picture: Rex

Showrunner Kate Oates added, "It's exciting to work with an actor showing Rob's energy, passion and attention to detail, and I can not wait to see what impact his arrival on the court has in the midst of those who love or hate the disturbed Sean Slater. & # 39;

The fans are satisfied with the news. Picture: Rex

His return story and the date of his return have yet to be announced, but it should be good for the fans!