Portaltic.-The App Store already allows you to reserve applications up to 6 months before

MADRID, 16 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

Apple has modified the policies of its official ‘software’ store App Store, and now allows application developers to open the reservation period of your ‘apps’ six months before publishing them.

Since the arrival of reservations to the App Store in 2017, the Apple platform offered the creators of ‘apps’ the possibility that users could reserve them 90 days before its official launch, that is, with an advance of three months.

Now, as Apple has announced through its developer support website, the company has modified this section of its policy so that applications can be reserved even earlier, up to 180 days – six months– before its arrival on the market.

This measure allows application creators to take advantage of this additional time to continue to develop features, services and content of its ‘software’ while “generating more expectation” among the public, according to the US company.

As was the case up to now with pre-reservations, users who use them they will receive a notification and later this will be downloaded automatically on your devices in 24 hours.

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