Portaltic.-Twitch replaced a Metallica song with folk music on the BlizzCon live for copyright

02/22/2021 Metallica at the Blizzconline 2021 event POLITICS INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY BLIZZARD / YOUTUBE

MADRID, 22 (Portaltic/EP)

Live streaming platform Twitch cut off Metallica’s audio in the middle of their BlizzCon performance last Friday to avoid a copyright lawsuit and replaced it with folk music.

The BlizzCon conference, organized by Blizzard Entertainment, was held on Friday, February 19 in digital format, under the name Blizzconline, through the official Blizzard channel, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, IGN and Gamespot (in English) and through the Blizzard channel and YouTube in Spanish.

As reported by the company in September, BlizzCon would be an “online show” and in its presentation on Friday, the conference featured a live performance by the US group Metallica.

During the Metallica broadcast on Twitch, at the close of the event, the platform (owned by Amazon) cut the audio in the middle of the interpretation of ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, one of the band’s greatest hits, for rights reasons copyright, and replaced live audio with royalty-free folk music.

The first to report this change in music in the middle of the Twitch live was the ‘eSports’ analyst Rod Breslau on his Twitter account, who avoided publishing the full video also due to ‘copyright’. However, another Twitter user, Moy, posted a longer video where Twitch could be seen cutting the song live and playing folk music.

Many Twitch users have criticized the platform’s position to avoid copyright lawsuits under the DMCA (‘Digital Millennium Copyright Act’), the federal law that regulates copyright in the United States.

However, on other platforms such as YouTube, users were able to listen to the full Metallica performance without music breaks. In fact, the video of the Blizzconline opening ceremony, available on the Blizzard channel, shows a warning to copyrighted content as the performance is about to begin.

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