Possible case of the new strain of Covid-19 is registered in Nuevo León

The Health Secretary of New Lion reported this Monday that a possible case of the new strain of Covid-19 originated in the UK.

Manuel de la O Cavazos, secretary state of Health, said in a virtual press conference that the detected case has a 96% similarity with the strain identified as B117.

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The official said that 30 samples of people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus, of which one was very similar to the british strain.

“30 patients with high viral load who were outside the observed normal range were randomly selected, it was in a random way,” he explained.

Confirmation studies of the new strain are carried out

From O Cavazos detailed that, despite the fact that the similarity detected with the new strain exceeds 96%, studies are being carried out to confirm whether it is the British variant.

The secretary of Health announced that the sample obtained will be sent to the Institute for Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Internal), so that it is the federal authority that confirms if it already exists in New Lion the new strain of Covid-19.

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“The case will continue to be studied and investigated, since, it is assumed, this virus spreads more quickly, but there is not enough evidence to affirm that it is more lethal or contagious,” he said.

It could be the second case in Mexico

If confirmed, the official said, this would be the second case of contagion with the new strain, after yesterday he reported in Tamaulipas the first case in Mexico.

It was a traveler from Amsterdam who tested positive for strain B117 in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas; it was known that before, the man was in the Mexico City.

However, this Monday the secretary of Health of Tamaulipas, Gloria Molina Gamboa, reported that there is a suspicion of a second case of this strain in the entity; assured that this afternoon the results of the test will be known.

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The official said that it is a person who took the same flight with the 56-year-old man who was detected the first case in the country.

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