Povisa tests a new drug for the most severe pneumonia of covid

The Povisa Hospital has begun to participate in a clinical trial for a new treatment against covid-19. This is the use of immunoglobulin G. The long-lasting antibodies that the body produces when it has faced SARS-CoV-2 -or other viruses- are IgG. This one that Povisa uses is made in the laboratory and is a therapy that was already used for other diseases that, like covid, cause an exaggerated inflammatory reaction in the human body itself, such as Kawasaki syndrome or Guillain-Barr syndrome.

This exaggerated immune response occurs from the fifth day of infection and that is why this drug is administered from that moment. All patients are given standard treatment and also this or a placebo, explains internist Jos Manuel Paz. It is a double-blind trial (nobody knows who is in the drug group or the placebo group, and then the results of the two groups are objectively measured) and the goal is to study mortality, says the doctor.

To do this, they will try to reach a hundred patients, 50 from each group. This trial is being carried out in all the hospitals of the Ribera Salud Group, to which Povisa belongs, and is led by the one in Vinalop (Elche). In Povisa there are already twelve in treatment. They choose people who have bilateral pneumonia (inflammation in both lungs) and are given the immune globulin for five days intravenously.

In the first wave we had 176 admitted, 18 of them in ICU, says the internist. He estimates that more than 50 could have been severe pneumonia in a clinical situation similar to what they are looking for in this trial. Now we get the impression that patients come to the hospital a little earlier and that we no longer have such serious pneumonia, he notes.

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