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With the start of the national championship just around the corner and the new schedule already defined, Estudiantes returns to training at UNO to continue with its “tuning” for the 30th of this month. That is why this Saturday at Jorge Luis HIrschi there will be a new soccer practice. From 9.30 the white-haired cast will be face to face against Arsenal, a rival that was in the first place on the agenda of the preparation matches but due to the bad weather conditions it could not be developed.

Saturday activity at UNO will last 80 minutes, with an interval at 40. It is noteworthy that once the rehearsal is finished, those players who are not used by Leandro Desábato in training before the Sarandí team, will complete a series of exercises also through the redoubt of 1 and 57. In addition, for this test, the technician will not be able to count on Mauro Diaz who in training this Friday suffered a muscle contracture in the hamstring of his right leg.

So far, Estudiantes was in progressive growth and with Huracán the production was very positive, considering at the same time that that day Chavo Desábato only had one of the three forwards who are fighting to win a place in the starting eleven. Only Martín Cauteruccio saw action since both Federico González (low back pain) and Leandro Díaz (had tested positive for COVID-19) were left unaffected.

“We are forming a squad and building a team …” The white-haired coach sentenced days ago and under that slogan is that the performance, as mentioned, went from lower to higher.

“The societies that we want are beginning to form. Players are interpreting what we want from them. The most important thing is the result and they will measure you for winning, but we will look a little further. We are committed to building a team”, Desábato emphasized in the conference last Wednesday.

Arsenal, a team that knows its potential and its limitations very well, comes from defeating Boca 2-0 and that has in its ranks players with a lot of experience such as Emiliano Papa, former player Lucas Albertengo and Nicolás Miracco.

For this commitment to Arsenal, the Estudiantes coaching staff summoned the following players:

  • Archers: Mariano Andújar, Emiliano González, Jerónimo Pourtau, Juan Pablo Zozaya.
  • Defenders: Nicolás Bazzana, Leonardo Godoy, Iván Erquiaga, Mauricio Guzmán, Facundo Mura, Luciano Squadrone, Rolando Ortiz, Gastón Benedetti.
  • Midfielders: Javier Mascherano, Iván Gómez, Lucas Rodríguez, Ángel González, David Ayala, Andrés Ayala, Franco Romero, Franco Sivetti, Bautista Kociubinski, Enzo Kalinski, Diego García.
  • Forwards: Darío Sarmiento, Martín Cauteruccio, Gaspar Di Pizio, Lautaro Ruiz Martínez, Federico González.

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