Precautions against vector-borne diseases

Source: The Hitavada Date: 09 Nov 2018 11:26:00

Staff Reporter,

As a result of rapidly increasing vector-borne diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya and zika virus, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation has joined the health department. In a joint venture, Bhopal Municipal Corporation and the Health Department have begun to monitor precautionary measures against vector-borne diseases, including veiling and extensive larval surveying, etc.

The health department reports daily about 10 to 15 patients suffering from vector-borne diseases. To defend against vector-borne diseases, the Health Department and Health Department are reaching people's doors to conduct a large-scale larval inspection. They spread among the people to inform them about the harsh effects of mosquito breeding.

It has been shown that most patients suffering from vector-borne diseases come from Char Imli and the surrounding districts of the state capital. The observation that BMC commissioner Avinash Lavaniya and the health department are keeping an eye on the region is meeting with intensive anti-vector arrangements. They turn BMC and health officials into Cyphenothrin Nebulae in their respective areas.
Dr. Himanshu Jaiswar, director of the state program on combating vector-borne disease while speaking with "The Hitavada," said that vector-borne diseases could only be controlled by not breeding mosquitoes.

But the bitter truth is that people are still unaware of the harsh effects of mosquitoes. In fact, larvae are discovered daily near hundreds of homes. He also said that people need to know what mosquitoes can do. He added that the Zika virus spreads across the state and Zika is untreatable so far. He said that people should not allow the water to be dammed for a long time and that they would not allow the larvae to brood. This can save thousands of people suffering from vector-borne diseases. In Madhya Pradesh, more than 4,000 dengue cases, 2,000 chikungunya cases and 6 Zika viral infections have been reported so far.



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