Predator, 71, faces ten years in prison for rape up to 150 times

Predator, 71, faces ten years in prison for rape up to 150 times
Christopher Fallon, 71, used the learning difficulties of his lens to gain his trust (Photo: SWNS / PA)

A twisted retiree tricked a disabled man into raping him more than 100 times in a shocking case that the judge told jurors to seek advice.

Christopher Fallon, 71, abused the victim with learning difficulties two or three times a week under cover of intimate massages to cure his chronic condition.

After making friends with the young man and winning his trust, Plymouth Crown Court felt how the predator could have raped him up to 150 times in four years.

But the victim’s disabilities meant he wouldn’t always understand what was going on.

Fallon claimed that two Ann Summers vibrators were massage tools, but they were only for the accused’s sexual gratification.

The jury heard how he could rape him up to 150 times under the guise of intimate massages (Photo: SWNS)

The jury heard how the victim was eventually afraid to say no, fearing that he would be accused of being massaged.

Fallon even claimed that his so-called treatment would help his target with his sexual problems.

Kelly Scrivener said, “Fallon was in a phase that took place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

‘Rather than say something has happened 50 times, 100 times or 150 times, we’ve simplified the accusation.’

But the sneaky retiree told the court that he had never massaged the man, let alone touch him indecently.

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Fallon, of Plymouth, Devon, denied 18 allegations of sexual abuse, including four of rape.

He was found guilty of all counts by a jury and sent back to custody so that a probation officer could assess the danger he poses before his conviction next month.

Speaking to the defendant, tape recorder Richard Shepherd said: “You have been found guilty of some incredibly serious crimes committed against a very vulnerable adult.

‘You preyed on him, you deceived him and in the end you raped him. You are facing a serious prison sentence measured in years and years. “

The Plymouth Crown Court jury was urged to seek advice after the case (Photo: PA)

Fallon has been in prison for more than 10 years for four episodes of rape, 10 of sexual violence and four of having provoked a sexual activity by a person.

He thanks the judge as he is taken away into custody after spending the weekend in prison.

Recorder Shepherd showed his appreciation for the jury and urged them to seek advice if they were troubled by the disgusting case.

He added: “If you find yourself thinking about this case unduly, please talk to someone about it.”

Fallon, who was previously married and has children, will be sentenced to Exeter Crown Court on February 17th.

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