Pregnant woman fighting over herself and the baby after getting coronavirus

Karen Mannering, 39, implored the British to “listen to Boris” and stay home (Photo: Karen Mannering / Instagram)

A seriously pregnant mom is fighting to save herself and her baby in the hospital after catching the coronavirus.

Karen Mannering, 39, of Kent, reacted to tears as she struggled to breathe while filming an emotional video, begging the British to follow the government’s blocking rules.

The mother of the three, who is tied to bed and tied to life-saving equipment, warned the public that “they will kill someone” if they decide to meet their friends for a walk in the sun or a “stupid beer”.

It comes as the number of people who died from coronaviruses in the UK jumps to 477 after further deaths in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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From her hospital bed, Karen said: ‘I am 39 years old and I am 26 weeks pregnant with almost my baby. I have just been told that I am Covid-19 and have been ill for two weeks.

‘I have been in the hospital since Saturday and today is Wednesday. I have pneumonia in both lungs and I am fighting for myself and my baby.

‘It’s not worth going out and you might think you wouldn’t do it but you can have it another time.’

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The beautician continued: “I have three children at home and a husband that I can’t see. I don’t know where I got it from but I’m very sick.

‘Now I am telling you if you will meet your friend for a stupid beer or a walk on the sea because the weather is good, you will take him home and kill someone, one of your family members.

‘Stop going out and listen to Boris, don’t go out, it’s not worth it.’

The mom of the three is fighting for herself and her baby (Photo: Karen Mannering / Instagram)

His words come after a healthy and fit banker died alone at home while isolating himself from the coronavirus.

Tim Galley, 47, of Wrexham, North Wales, refused to call an ambulance because his health deteriorated, telling his girlfriend that he had no basic health conditions and that doctors would be busy dealing with others. patients.

Chloe Middleton, 21, is believed to have become the youngest person with no underlying health conditions in the UK to have died of coronavirus after her death this week.

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