Premier League: Cesc Fàbregas supports Mikel Arteta’s work at Arsenal: “You lose three games and everyone asks for your head”

The historic Arsenal, Cesc Fàbregas, believes that the gun crew is in good hands under the command of Mikel Arteta, whose work he supported and ensured that he can still lead the team to win trophies.

The Gunners are in 11th position in the Premier League with 12 points after eight games played, and Although the outlook is not ideal, the current AS Monaco player said the team is on the right track despite criticism from fans.

In dialogue with 90 minutes, Fàbregas gave his support to Mikel Arteta, clearly showing that he trusts his process:

“It’s a transition period. Mikel has his ideas, but it takes time,” said Cesc, adding: “The problem with a coach today is that you don’t have time. You lose three games, they all ask for your head. “

In addition, the midfielder relied on the great figure that Arsenal has to ensure that Arteta can take the team forward:

“He’s trying to find his team. They have (Dani) Ceballos, they have (Granit) Xhaka, now they have added Thomas Partey from Atlético, who is also a very good player. They have Willian, they have (Pierre-Emerick) Aubameyang, the best players, that’s 100% sure. Maybe they still need a little more time “, he pondered.

Arteta’s work has been widely criticized at Arsenal.

By last, The AS Monaco figure revealed how complex it is to work daily under the pressure of a “public” job.

“I know it is very, very difficult because you want to implement your ideas, and it is a process. Sometimes it is difficult because football moves very fast, everyone wants to win, there is pressure from the board, the fans, the players. .. you are under the magnifying glass every day, “Cesc concluded.


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