Premier League fan warning as Storm Dennis threatens travel plans for Liverpool and more | Football | Sport

Storm Dennis is slated to sweep Britain this weekend and many traveling fans may be affected by bad weather after the Met Office has issued four amber warnings.

The storm could not have come at a worse time as most of this weekend’s games require field trips for visiting fans.

Burnley will face the 524-mile round-trip journey for Saturday’s kickoff in Southampton, which would take five hours to drive or six hours and 40 minutes on various trains – and that’s without interruption.

During the day, Liverpool must make the round trip of 510 miles east of Norwich, which will take about four hours and 45 minutes by road or six hours by train.

On Sunday, Tottenham heads for the M1 towards Aston Villa and Newcastle makes a round trip of 546 miles to Arsenal, with Manchester United fans who must therefore travel to Chelsea on Monday evening.

However, both Saturday and Sunday they were able to experience serious travel interruptions, as in the case of Storm Ciara who struck last week.

Met Office meteorologists Alex Deacon and Aidan McGivern have warned that a similar effect could be felt for travelers this weekend.

McGivern said: “Although the winds should be slightly lower than Ciara at this stage.

“So there is still potential for interruption.”

The clash between Manchester City and West Ham was postponed due to “bad weather” last weekend.

“On the heights of Wales and south-west England, 120-140 mm of rain is possible in some places. This rainfall is expected to fall on areas already wet by recent rains.”

There are currently 13 flood warnings and 104 floods taking place across Britain.

The Environment Agency urged people to check for further warnings over the weekend

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