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Slight SPOILER: Ahsoka Tano will appear flesh and blood on “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” after becoming a fan favorite in “The Clone Wars”. With us you can read why she is special and where you can already see more of her.

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First impressions can be deceiving, especially with “Star Wars”: The black-clad villain Darth Vader finally rediscovered his soul, the arrogant Han Solo is after all important to the rebellion – and Ahsoka Tano, who many fans found annoying at their first appearance, is now one of the most popular and interesting characters in the saga.

Introduction messed up, but it doesn’t matter

Anakin’s Padawan student Ahsoka Tano, to whom Mando is supposed to go with Baby Yoda at the behest of Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff), couldn’t have made a harder debut than in “The Clone Wars” animated film from 2008. This film consists of several Episodes of the series and came to the cinema exclusively for commercial reasons, although it has no cinema-suitable pictures and is simply far too bad in other respects.

Ironically, this half-baked commercial product was the setting in which “Star Wars” fans got to know Ahsoka Tano …

… which many fans found annoying. When she was introduced, the cheeky, inexperienced student awakened unpleasant memories of Jar Jar Binks and thus of a type of “Star Wars” figure who was believed to have been overcome almost ten years after “Episode 1: The Phantom Menace”. But after the unsuccessful opening film, “The Clone Wars” turned out to be a versatile, exciting, interesting series – and with it Ahsoka Tano developed

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Ahsoka makes the Jedi look old

Ahsoka is Anakin in “The Clone Wars” film as a student to the side and then remains for many series episodes in this position. Never before have we seen the Jedi training in such detail as here. Together with Anakin and often enough alone, Ahsoka travels from mission to mission through the galaxy and learns, albeit under difficult conditions, that the Jedi suddenly have to be generals in the Clone Wars, although that is not their intended role. And Ahsoka’s teacher Anakin is still a student himself.

No other character forced us viewers like Ahsoka to question the oh-so-knowing Jedi. She wants to become a Jedi because she believes this Order will bring peace back to the galaxy, but the age-old Jedi rules and the grandiose palaver of the council looked mightily dusty in the light of Ahsoka’s youthful naivety. Ahsoka could learn a lot from her Jedi instructors, no question about it, but you wish they had learned as much from her.

Ahsoka has the heart that many Jedi lack

The Jedi preach sacrifice and devotion. Ahsoka, on the other hand, does not preach – she lives these values. She is one of those who don’t want to leave anyone behind. She quickly befriends clone soldiers because she recognizes their individuality. She makes mistakes (she’s just young), but above all she reveals a design flaw of the Jedi Order:

Close personal ties are wrong, say the Jedi – it is precisely her heart that makes Ahsoka such a great Jedi.

In the season 5 finale, Ahsoka is expelled from the Jedi Order because she is suspected of being responsible for an attack on the temple. The exclusion is hasty, as it turns out. But Ahsoka doesn’t want to go back to the Order, even after Yoda & Co. have invited her back. The Jedi screwed up one of their best.

Tip: Watch these Ahsoka episodes of “The Clone Wars”

Ahsoka’s story runs through almost all seasons of “The Clone Wars” (and through some episodes of the follow-up series “Star Wars Rebels”). We would like to highlight episodes 17-20 from season 5, which lead to Ahsoka’s farewell to the Jedi. In episodes 9-12 of season 7, Ahsoka and the Mandalorians fight Darth Maul in the entourage of Bo-Katan. In “The Mandalorian” it is Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) who refers Mando to Ahsoka.

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As a step between “The Clone Wars” and the series “The Mandalorian” set about 30 years later, the “Rebels” episodes 21/22 from season 2 and episode 13 from season 4, in which Ahsoka’s confrontation with her former master, are recommended Anakin is at the center, who is now Darth Vader.

Ahsoka in “The Mandalorian” – wann?

In episode 3, Mando was asked to meet Ahsoka, but she does not appear in the current fourth episode. Ahsoka’s first live-action appearance can be expected in the upcoming fifth episode, “The Mandalorian”, which will be available to stream on November 27, 2020 (Friday) from 9 a.m. on Disney +.

This episode was directed by Dave Filoni, the showrunner of “The Clone Wars”, to whom Ahsoka Tano cares more than anyone else. It is played by Rosario Dawson (“Daredevil”).

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