Presence of new variant of covid-19 confirmed in Puerto Rico

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(CNN Spanish) – The Department of Health of Puerto Rico confirmed on Tuesday the existence on the island of a new variant of covid-19. This is the one detected for the first time in California and that responds to identification B.1.427.

At the moment, 28 cases of covid-19 variants have been identified in Puerto Rico. Of which 18 correspond to the British variant (B.1.1.7), six cases to the California variant (B.1.429), two cases to the other California variant (B.1.427) and two cases to the variant from Brazil (P.2).

Two new variants of the virus that causes covid-19 are identified in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico suffers from a shortage of vaccines against covid-19 3:38

The first variant identified on the island was the British (B.1.1.7) that was detected in January. According to the Department of Health, of the 28 confirmed cases of variants, 26 are considered a variant of concern, since the evidence indicates that it has a higher transmissibility; while the variant of interest has specific genetic markers that have been associated with changes that allow the virus to transmit. At the moment, the two identified cases of the Brazilian variant respond to variants of interest.

Until April 6, the Department of Health reported that in Puerto Rico there are 99,780 confirmed cases of covid-19; 99,874 suspected cases; 10,242 probable cases and 2,136 deaths. Recently, authorities reported that one million doses of covid-19 vaccines administered in Puerto Rico were exceeded.

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