Press comment: ‘Schwbische Zeitung’ on Boris Johnson / Brexit | message

RAVENSBURG (dpa-AFX) – The “Schwbische Zeitung” writes about Boris Johnson / Brexit:

“It took British Prime Minister Boris Johnson less than two minutes to get the message of the possible ‘No Deal” to the European Union, his compatriots and, above all, to Brexit fans. Ultimately, it is now about damage limitation, if now about one But it is difficult to judge what the eccentric Johnson wants or even plans, he is tinkering his truth in a way that might be assumed that he is with the US president Donald Trump apprenticed when it comes to merging assertions, lies, reality and myths into a political concept. The coming days will show where the UK and the EU stand. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier wants to work on a last-minute solution in London. Johnson, blaming Brussels for all, will have to speak. Otherwise all of his stories will collapse in a clearly recognizable manner for everyone – also in his camp. “/ Be / DP / men

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