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INFLATION – This year prices could rise again as much as they have not in many years. The economist Volker Wieland told the Handelsblatt: “Three percent inflation in Germany is possible at the end of the year.” Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann also thinks this is realistic. After the end of the Corona crisis, demand could boom and thus drive prices up. In addition, there would be special factors such as the expiry of the VAT reduction. Wieland believes that even after the crisis has been overcome, prices could remain at a higher level than many think today. (Handelsblatt)

CHINA – After Joe Biden’s clear commitment to the transatlantic alliance, it’s now Europe’s turn. Above all, the US President’s demand to work harder with the Europeans against China could put countries like Germany in distress. “That could collide with European interests. Europe’s economic and political interests in economic relations with China differ from those of the USA,” Ifo President Clemens Fuest told Handelsblatt. Differences are also emerging in transatlantic trade and the question of how the West intends to deal with Russia in the future. (Handelsblatt)

BREXIT – When Great Britain left the EU, many companies filled their warehouses there. They will soon have to add more – but the promised freedom from customs duties is far away. And the customs chaos is already great: Because all British goods now have to be registered with customs, 150,000 parcels are currently piling up every hour at DHL’s Leipzig hub, for example. “The Brexit chaos that we are currently experiencing is nothing compared to what can be expected in the next few months,” warns Francine Dammholz, founder of the training platform (Handelsblatt)

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LINKE – The SPD chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans calls on the Left Party to revise its no to foreign missions by the Bundeswehr if it wants to co-govern in the federal government. Walter-Borjans told the Tagesspiegel: “Germany has not refused to participate closely in UN mandates and is not allowed to do so in the future either. The left must decide for itself whether it defines conditions that it either cannot meet or those that it cannot meet Block government ability with any partner. ” (Der Tagesspiegel)

CORONA – Against the background of stagnating infection numbers and the upcoming school openings, the discussion about new vaccination strategies is getting louder. Several countries are pressing for the staff of daycare centers and primary schools to be vaccinated much faster than previously planned. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn and Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek (both CDU) support the initiative. (SZ / FAZ)

HOSPITALS – In January 2021, the clinics in Germany received 1.8 billion euros less than in the same month last year, which corresponds to a decrease of 20 percent. This is the result of a survey by the German Hospital Association, the results of which are available to the editorial network Germany (RND). In normal times, the hospitals nationwide take about 8 billion euros per month, fluctuating from month to month. (RND)

START-UPS – Young entrepreneurs would like to found a company whose profits cannot be squandered unrestrainedly. That may be a simple goal, at best a bit surprising, but it is difficult to achieve with the help of German company law. At least that is how the Responsible Property Foundation and its founder Armin Steuerungagel see it. Therefore, they demand a new form of company, a “limited liability company with tied assets”. (FAZ)

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DIGITAL COMPANIES – US technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft or Netflix are the big beneficiaries of the pandemic. Europe absolutely wants to subject the corporations to stricter rules. At the head of the movement is EU Deputy Prime Minister Margrethe Vestager. “With power comes responsibility. The tech giants have not understood that,” she said in an interview. (World)

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