A primary school head and his teacher have quit after it emerged pupils were told they could ask for help after 'SATs police' left the room.

Mike Watt, 40, broke up with his wife of 15 years and is now in a relationship with Emma Kelly, 26, whose class was at the center of the exam scandal, The Sun reports.

Year 6 pupils at Colburn Primary School, near Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, had part of their SATs scores after having investigated the administration process "did not serve the best interests of the school".

Dad-of-two Mr. Watt was suspended from his £ 80,000-a-year job before deciding to resign.

Ms. Kelly also lives together in Richmond, North Yorkshire. They are now understood to be engaged.

Newly-qualified Miss Kelly arrived at the school in September 2016

One parent said: "Hey [Mr Watt] took a very personal interest in the results in Miss Kelly's class, which is not surprising since she had a personal interest in each other. "

It is understood that several pupils were interviewed about how the SATs tests were conducted by the two teachers.

Another parent told Richmondshire Today parents had been left frustrated and angry that the children had worked hard, but the tests had counted for nothing due to the failings.

Miss Kelly was in a long-term relationship when she started working at the school

She added: "Mr Watt has been paid off on £ 80,000-a-year since before the summer, which must have been hard for him."

Newly-qualified Miss Kelly arrived at the school in September 2016.

She was in a long-term relationship at the time.

However, within a few months, Mr. Watt had moved out of the home he shared with wife Helen, 39, in Darlington, Co. Durham.

Year 6 pupils at Colburn Primary School had annulled part of their SATs scores

Meanwhile, watchdogs began investigating exams tasks by the pupils in Miss Kelly's class.

Angie Dale, Colburn's chair of governors said the SATs incident was "upsetting."

She told Richmondshire Today: "This is an upsetting development, but we are determined to take action and change processes in school to ensure the integrity of future assessments."

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