Prince Charles presented Terra Carta, his plan to save planet Earth

Through a video shared on social networks, the heir to the throne and Prince of Wales explained the scope of his ecological initiative

Throughout his life, the Prince carlos He has been a tireless defender of natural resources. In tune with the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), the heir to the UK throne has presented Earth Charter, a comprehensive plan for the implementation of initiatives tending to remediation and the adoption of forms of production friendly with the environment.

The 2021 edition of the summit One Planet It is being held virtually from France, coinciding with its 50th anniversary at the forefront of the fight for the environment. In this context, Prince Charles presented a new phase of the SMI: Earth Charter (Earth Charter).

Earth Charter It is a comprehensive recovery plan for the Planet that focuses on the adoption of environmentally friendly forms of production. Forms of production that private sector companies will need to fully incorporate by 2030.

“The Earth Charter lays the foundation for a recovery plan that places Nature, people and the Planet at the center of global value creation, harnessing the precious and irreplaceable power of nature combined with transformative innovation and private sector resources ” , said Prince Charles in a video broadcast at the summit and shared through social networks.

The presentation of ‘Terra Carta’ was held at the One Planet summit, held in France. Credit: YouTube APO Group


In the 13th century, the Magna Carta, served to lay the foundations and the adoption of rights by Humanity. Similarly, the Terra Carta grants fundamental universal rights and value to Nature.

Throughout the more than four minutes of the material presented at the summit, Prince Charles sought to win the support of the businessmen participating in the initiative and, in turn, to challenge people to generate a change in mentality around to the way they produce and how they should do it in the near future.

“Do we want to be remembered as the people who did nothing to save the world from the abyss, from the moment when balance could have been restored by what has been done? I don’t think we want that. Just think for a moment what it has Is the generation of wealth positive, that which is obtained by the traditional way of conducting business, if we do nothing more than look at the catastrophic conditions? “he asked in conclusion.



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