Prince Charles visits his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, in hospital

The heir to the throne arrived discreetly in a vehicle that left him at the back of the hospital located in the London borough of Marylebone.

It was a visit that was expected at the King Edward VII Hospital in London where Felipe de Edimburgo has been admitted since last Tuesday. His son, the Prince carlos, has come this same Saturday in the early afternoon to be by his side and worry about his health. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband is expected to continue under observation next week.


In a gray suit and the mandatory mask, Prince Charles arrived discreetly in a vehicle that left him at the back of the hospital in the Marylebone neighborhood. Photojournalists stationed in the area captured these images around 3:30 p.m.. Everything seems to indicate, in addition, that it is the first visit within the family since the hospital has them restricted by the pandemic.

The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh entered last Tuesday night after feeling ill, as reported by Buckingham Palace. For the moment, he continues to be observed and rests in the facilities of this private center in an especially complicated week for the British crown due to the recent decision of Harry and Meghan to definitively distance themselves from royal responsibilities.


Despite the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh was originally expected to be discharged within a few days, they have preferred that he remain longer under observation. Felipe de Edimburgo has had this Saturday with the visit of his son. Prince Charles was leaving the medical center after half an hour, around four in the afternoon. In addition, the British press points out that father and son had not seen each other since last Christmas as a result of sanitary restrictions.

Philippe of Edinburgh, who will turn 100 next June, entered the hospital on his own feet Tuesday night on the advice of his doctor. According to what has transpired, he continues with “good humor.”. Sources close to the family have indicated that the doctor is acting with caution and has preferred that he recover during the next week.

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The big news of the week

Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision not to return as active members of the British Royal Family has caught the Duke of Edinburgh admitted. However, the Queen would have transferred the decision of the marriage and the statement published in this regard. “Honorary military titles and royal patronages held by the Duke and Duchess will have to be returned to His Majesty, before they are redistributed among the active members of the Royal Family. While everyone is sorry for your decision, the Duke and Duchess continue to be much loved members of the family », indicated the note that has been made public.

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