Prince Harry alone at VAX Live in LA

Prince Harry solo at VAX Live in LA, recorded this Sunday. The Duke of Sussex was greeted with a standing ovation at Global Citizen’s Vax Live and although it was said that Meghan Markle would be attending with him, the Duchess of Sussex did not show up.

Prince Harry solo at Global Citizen's Vax Live in LA

And it is understood, Meghan is pregnant, but she will appear on the broadcast virtually.

Prince Harry was greeted with a standing ovation and spoke for three minutes on stage about the importance of vaccinations. Harry was greeted by the thousands of people in the audience at LA’s So-Fi Stadium with a standing ovation. Wow! Standing ovation? Why? Helped discover the COVID vaccine and we don’t know? Not? Ah… right! It’s royalty!

According Hello! Harry did not mention his wife Meghan or his family, with whom he moved to Los Angeles in 2020. Meghan is expecting the couple’s second baby, a girl, later this year.

Prince Harry alone at VAX Live in LA

Prince Harry alone at VAX Live in LA

“We are at a watershed moment in the global fight against COVID-19,” said Harry, “tonight is a celebration for each of you here.”

Speaking of the healthcare workers at the forefront of this battle, he said:

“You spent the entire past year fighting bravely and selflessly to protect us all, and you served and sacrificed bravely.”

“Vaccines must be distributed to everyone everywhere, we cannot rest or really recover until there is a fair distribution in every corner of the world.”

“The virus does not respect borders, access cannot be determined by geography. This must be a basic right of all. We must look beyond ourselves with empathy and compassion for those we know and those we don’t. What we do at this time will remain in history. “

Really ?! Woow! That speech so… original! According to Harry, everyone should have the right to vaccinations, it must be a basic right, fair distribution throughout the world … do you hear the bells?

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Prince Harry alone at VAX Live in LA

Prince Harry alone at VAX Live in LA

The event, called “the concert to reunite the world” was hosted by Selena Gomez, and featured performances by Jennifer Lopez, Foo Fighters and HER, among others. Vax Live will be broadcast in the USA on May 8, on ABC, FOX, Youtube and iHeardMedia. In the UK it will be May 9 on Global Citizen’s YouTube channel.

“As the first large-scale music event for a COVID-compliant audience of fully vaccinated frontline healthcare and essential workers, Vax Live calls for new commitments from governments, the private sector and philanthropists towards equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide. “

On the official Global Citizen website, it is stated that the concert’s mission is to celebrate “the hope that COVID-19 vaccines offer to families and communities around the world. We call on world leaders to ensure that vaccines are accessible to all so that we can end the pandemic for everyone, everywhere. »

President Biden along with his wife, First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris will make guest appearances as part of Global Citizen’s collation and the White House “We Can Do This” Trust Boost Initiative. public on COVID-19 vaccines, while strengthening basic prevention measures, such as the use of masks and social distancing.

So, Prince Harry only on VAX Live, it was without his wife Meghan because she is delicate about her pregnancy, but it will appear on the broadcast, ok? They were also reporting this news as ‘Harry’s first appearance after his grandfather’s funeral’.

Prince Harry alone at VAX Live in LA

Prince Harry alone at VAX Live in LA

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