Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not return to social media

Since they resigned from their duties with the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, the couple said goodbye to their 10.4 million followers on the social network Instagram

The summary / Shows – According to a publication issued by the newspaper “The Times“, he prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle there will be time disconnected from the social networks and they do not plan to resort to other platforms such as Facebook O Twitter to promote his new foundation “Archewell”.

The medium, which cites sources close to the couple living in the U.S, indicates that “it is also very unlikely that they will return to the networks in a personal capacity, after the attacks suffered since they got married.”

When the dukes of sussex decided to resign from their duties to represent the British crown, the Queen isabel II reminded them that they should stop using the title “Royal”In his next projects and daily life. In addition, they said goodbye to their admirers obtained through the account they managed in Instagram as “@sussexroyal“With a message stating:” We hope to reconnect with you soon. “

From that moment, Meghan and Harry distanced themselves from the British monarchy and began to push their own projects and his Financial Independence.

Before getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had an active presence in the networks, accumulating the sum of 1.9 million followers an Instagram; 350.000 on Twitter and 800.000 I like it on Facebook. Also, he had a website and lifestyle blog called “Tig“, In which it promoted companies and products that supported and offered food and travel tips.

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Ruben Vasquez

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