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When i was only 15 walked behind the funeral procession of his mother, Princess Diana of Wales, while the whole world watched carefully how William – the young man who will one day be the monarch of the United Kingdom – lost his mother after the tragic accident in Paris.

More than 20 years have passed since that event and Prince William continues to live in front of the cameras as one of the most important members of the British Royal Family.

In this way, we were able to appreciate his growth, from his time at Eton College, the University of St Andrew, his courtship with which he would eventually become his wife, Katherine Middleton or the birth of their three children, George, Charlotte and the little one Louis.

William has always maintained an exemplary image, however, a new book would end this reputation as a “good boy” and put him more in the role of the problem boy of the monarchy, a position historically held by his brother, Harry.

Nothing is what it seems

Robert Lacey, the well-known British royal family historian and advisor to the creators of the Netflix series The Crown, is a writer for “Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult” (Battle of brothers: William, Harry and the internal history of a tumult), the publication that promises, according to the magazine Vanity Fair, to unravel what is the relationship that Diana’s children currently have, the one that would be damaged since Meghan Markle came into the life of the British.

The historian considers the life of the brothers, who maintained a close and strong relationship, marked by the death of their mother, but also by the public scrutiny they have lived through since they were children, although he focuses on the behavior of William and Harry during recent years, highlights the Spanish newspaper ABC.

However, something that draws the attention of the publication is the description of certain episodes of Prince William, that would mark him forever, as for example when in 1995, starred in a fit of anger after the interview that Diana gave to the BBC network, in which he made reference to his “marriage of 3, with an attack on Camilla Parker Bowles, and acknowledging his love for James Hewitt, a cavalry officer.

As Lacey noted, “All hell broke loose. He was furious… That he had spoken ill of his father, that he had mentioned Hewitt (James Hewitt, Diana’s ex-lover and a Cavalry officer in the British Army). He started screaming and crying, and when she tried to hug him, he pushed her away. The next day, William apologized to his mother for his temper and gave her a bouquet of flowers. But Diana felt that irreparable damage had been done. ”

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(3/8) Part III – Battle of the Brothers -“And what about the prince? Have we ever heard of Prince William willingly sitting down in the front row of a fashion show before or since? The show that March was in fact a fundraising effort for the families of the nearly 3,000 victims of Osama bin Laden’s 9/11 attacks in New York the previous year. Only the very hottest chicks had been selected to parade — and Kate was determined to dazzle. At the last minute, she discarded the chunky knitwear she’d been given to wear over a see-through skirt and instead hoiked the skirt up above her boobs to create a mini-dress, with her black bra and knickers showing through. No wonder William was impressed. ‘Wow,’ he whispered to Fergus Boyd, ‘Kate’s hot!’ That very evening, at the aftershow party, William and Kate were seen kissing each other. Love certainly struck at some time during the year they shared a flat, and it intensified in the following academic year when they moved to a romantic house near the famous St Andrews Golf Course. Balgove House stood in its own grounds with some two acres of wild meadow surrounded by a sixfoot-high stone wall. Here Kate became Queen of the Aga, presiding over a household of three male students — and they quickly earned a reputation for hosting premier parties. At the end of March 2004, news of the couple’s relationship finally broke. ‘Look, I’m only 22, for God’s sake!’ William exploded when asked about his marriage plans. ‘I don’t want to get married until I’m at least 28 or maybe 30. William was determined not to be prematurely pressured towards the altar as his mother and father had been. In interviews he insisted that he could not commit to marriage until he was 30 years old. So in the summer of 2004, with just a year to go until his graduation, he rather welcomed the mischievous suggestion of his friend from childhood, Guy Pelly, that he might leave Kate at home and join his friend on a ‘boys only’ sailing trip to Greece.” #PrinceWilliam

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However, this situation was not unique and, according to the historian, it is something that was repeated in the prince’s adolescence and adult life, such as when his father made the decision to marry Camilla Parker Bowls.

According to slogan After casting, Lacey stated that According to her (Camilla), the disputes had been shocking, with William yelling and Carlos meekly submitting. In William’s kingdom, everything had to be perfect. If his father could not live up to his son’s vision, he would unleash his fury “.

Another point that stands out Vanity Fair is that William, for several years, would have been the British “king of the night”, which would have had more than one consequence with Kate, who began to be his girlfriend at the University.

Conde Nast’s magazine also highlights some complex episodes for the prince, such as when Middleton ended her relationship with him after he decided to have a “Boys only trip” to Greece, although the crew that transported it was composed only of women. Also, comment on the party nights of “The king of the night” when William enjoyed with his friends in the army, where alcohol was the least lacking.

Goodbye to the perfect brother

Without a doubt, one of the strongest revelations that the book brings, It is the responsibility that William would have, regarding the teenage behavior of the prince Harry, the “terrible boy” of the Royal Family.

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She was one of a kind, she was an angel on earth that decided to leave to heaven way too soon 👼 I was born five years after she left, but I still hear about her & how beautiful she was…. she always wanted everyone to feel loved & supported, she always helped those in need, she always put others before herself… It breaks my heart when I think that she had to leave her two beautiful boys that she loved so much, I tear up when I think of how much she was an incredible mother to them. But now, I feel so happy that I can see her so clearly in them & I feel that it would only be appropriate to mention how she still lives in her sons ❤️ I see her so much in William, he held onto love when he found it… it’s so obvious that he adores Catherine. He gave her his mother’s ring because he really wanted her to be with them, he wanted her to meet the love of his life and their children together ! It melts my heart to know that he talks to his children about her 💗 I see her in him in his kind heart & his thoughtfulness… how he always cares about mental health & how he’s always so kind to people. He looks like her but he also has her very very loving heart ♥️ I see her in Harry as well, I see her in his enthusiasm, I see her in his energy, I see her in the way he has fun…. I know this is a little detail but I see the Diana in him most during the Invictus Games ! How he makes people believe that they can do anything no matter the circumstance & how he makes them feel unique and not disabled is so Diana. I also see her love in the love he has for Meghan, I see her love in him when he’s around children… especially around Archie now 💗 She didn’t deserve to go this way, she is gone but never forgotten… Diana Spencer 1961-1997 💜 she’ll forever be a queen in people’s hearts 🥰

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In this aspect, highlights one of the most controversial episodes Harry experienced in 2005 when he attended a party wearing a Nazi uniform as a costume and his image went around the world.

As stated The Mirror, the author stated that the responsibility for Harry wearing that costume did not lie solely with Diana’s youngest son, it had been a decision he made with his brother, while choosing costumes at Maud’s Cotswold Costumes.

This incident would have started to separate the brothers, as Harry would have been annoyed if William got out of the situation that put him in a complex scenario, even having to issue public apologies. According to the English media, for the first time, they stopped talking.

However, what would end up separating them was the arrival of Meghan Markle in Harry’s life, something that the international press has speculated since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got married and decided to live far from Kensington Palace, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reside with their family.

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| 🇬🇧 Prince William, and Prince Harry, after the civil wedding ceremony of their father Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, at the Guildhall in Windsor, England in April 9, 2005. • | 🇧🇷 Prince William and Prince Harry, after his father’s civil marriage ceremony, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at the Guildhall in Windsor, England, on April 9, 2005. #PrinceWilliam #DukeAndDuchessOfCambridge #PrinceWilliamDukeOfCambridge #PrinceHarryDukeOfSussex # PrinceHarry #DukeOfSussex #MeghanMarkle #DuchessOfCambridge #DuchessOfSussex #PrinceGeorge #PrincessCharlotte #PrinceLouis #TheRoyalFamily #Royals #Royalty #BritishRoyalty #KateMiddleton #PrinceCharles #RoyalWillHales #RoyalWillHales #RoyalWillHales # 00

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As mentioned Vanity Fair, William considered that the couple’s courtship was going very fast and not as it happened with him and Kate, who had a courtship of several years before deciding to get engaged. In this sense, Lacey relates “for William it was about the future of the monarchy, its sacred mission; while for Harry it was the love of the complex and captivating woman who finally gave meaning to his life ”.

While William and Meghan hit it off when they first met, the prince mentioned to Harry: “Take all the time you need to get to know this girl.”, which would have triggered Harry’s rejection of his brother, highlights “Finding Freedom” the book by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, which supports the words of Robert Lacey, although it is believed to be a publication to “lift” the image of the Sussexes.

Harry’s anger meant that even the oldest of Carlos’s sons resorted to Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother and close uncle to both, so that he could mediate their relationship. However, the estrangement of both continued, he stressed The country.

This was reflected in the couple’s separation from the typical activities of the royal family., such as his vacations in Balmoral or Sandringham, as well as his image not appearing in the Christmas speech that Queen Elizabeth II issued in 2019, which would have generated the anger of Prince Harry, which was exacerbated by the photo shoot of the monarch with the heirs, where he or his son, Archie, was not considered.

These and other situations would have paved the way for the Sussexes decided to make the move to the famous Megxit, separating from the royal family, without William or the royal family being able to do something, marking the way in the separation of both brothers, whose fractured relationship continues to this day.


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