Prince William, Queen Elizabeth’s ‘partner in crime’ for her public reappearance

It has been more than ten months since we saw by last time to Queen Elizabeth attending a public engagement. It was on Commonwealth Day, at the church service that marked the end of the Official life of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. What was not known then is that it was also going to be the last time we saw Queen Elizabeth outside of one of her royal estates. A few days later, he was confined to Windsor and the few commitments he has had since then have been within its walls and in a virtual way, since online meetings have become another tool of his institutional work, something unthinkable until a few years ago. weeks. A confinement that ended this Thursday, when the first official appointment of the post-pandemic monarch took place, to inaugurate a chemical weapons laboratory in Porton Down, south of the United Kingdom. And she has not done it alone: ​​her grandson, the Prince Guillermo, has acted as his ‘partner in crime’, giving rise to an image that supposed a clear message.

And it is that every time more clearly for the British, Guillermo is positioning himself as heir to the throne, without taking into account that he would still have to pass through the Prince carlos. The trust the queen has placed in both him and Kate Middleton it is evident, especially during the first months of the pandemic, when they became the only working members of the Royal Household. But it is also that it is a time when people talk more than ever about tensions between the two children of Diana of Wales for the publication of the book ‘Battle of Brothers’, which has revealed new facts and details of Harry and Guillermo’s relationship. Therefore, the fact that Queen Elizabeth has been accompanied by the oldest is a more than significant gesture of what are the most important interests and concerns of the Crown.

Prince William, together with Queen Elizabeth, signing the honor book. (Reuters)

There was great expectation to see the monarch on a date outside of Windsor, which has become his habitual residence since last March, leaving it only for his summer holidays, when he changed it for Balmoral. And it has not disappointed, since it has pulled its well-known essence, with a striking coat in pink cashmere, signed by Stewart Parvin, in addition to its usual and comfortable black shoes, always matching with which it can be the most famous bag on the planet. It is precisely the same coat that he wore in the Last public engagement he shared solo with Kate Middleton. A coincidence that for the most experts could not have been accidental.

Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton on their visit to King's College.  (Reuters)
Kate Middleton shares the spotlight (and blanket) in the last act with Queen Elizabeth

A. Rodriguez

And despite the fact that there was a lot of desire for him to resume his agenda and thus resolve the doubts about the definitive withdrawal that had been speculated a few months ago, criticism has not been lacking on his reappearance. The reason, the lack of masks, both in Queen Elizabeth and in the rest of the delegation that has participated in the event. But it did not take long for there to be an official explanation, beyond the fact that masks are not mandatory in the United Kingdom. Right away it was reported that the 48 people who have shared space with her today had a recent negative PCRIn addition to the fact that the staff who work in the science park have a lot of experience in covid-19, since they have been very involved in dealing with it in recent months and they fully respect all the measures indicated to avoid contagion.

Prince William, with his back facing Queen Elizabeth.  (Reuters)
Prince William, with his back facing Queen Elizabeth. (Reuters)

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