The Duke of Cambridge made his way to the village of Newton St Loe as he prepared to take over the Duchy of Cornwall Estate from his father Prince Charles. Thirty-seven-year-old William met with several farmers and executives managing the vast estates year-round. William will one day inherit the lands that are in 21 counties, mainly in the southwest of England.

It includes arable and livestock farms, residential and commercial real estate as well as forests, rivers, quarries and coasts.

The threefold father admitted that he lacks his father's experience in agriculture, but acknowledges that the country has a good place in his heart.

He told the Daily Telegraph, "I know a tiny lot.

"I have the interest and the passion, the landscape is deep in my heart.

"I want to learn and know more about agriculture, but I grew up with the landscape, the way of life and the best people in the countryside. I am not a London boy. "

He added, "My father knows so much about agriculture. He is in this sector and knows it so well.

"My interest is not really felt yet, but it will do in the future."

The Duchy of Cornwall is a private property, the 1337 by Edward III. Founded.

The proceeds of his estate will be used to finance the public, private and charitable activities of Prince Charles and his children.

The 70-year-old Charles soon celebrates his 50th anniversary as head of the Duchy of Cornwall.

The Prince of Wales inherited the Duchy when he was just 21 years old.

Later this month, ITV aired as a special broadcast to celebrate the landmark and give viewers unprecedented access.

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The Duke said, "Rest assured, I will not rock the boat.

"I'll do almost the same thing as my dad."

Prince Charles: The Duchy of Cornwall will be shown on Thursday, 24th October at 9pm.