It would not be fun to radiate the privacy of your whole family in a popular Netflix drama. Even if someone was as damn adorable as Olivia Colman.

Prince William has recently revealed that his idea of ​​downtime is wrong CrownTime. Right. He does not mess with Kate on the couch to watch the latest episode of The crown,

Olivia Colman, who will play Queen Elizabeth II in the third and fourth seasonf The crownIt has set itself the goal of meeting the "very charming and very lovable" prince at a dinner.

Keep talking The Graham Norton Show, the Oscar winner spilled a steaming cup of English breakfast tea in her exchange with the second-in-line.

"He asked what I was doing before he quickly added," Actually, I know what you're doing, "she said.

"I was so excited and asked," Did you see it? His answer was firm: "No. "

Ouch. Maybe Wills is just more Downton Abbey Guy.

Did Olivia make any other interesting preparations for the series apart from having dinner with the Royals?

"I did not do anything [to prepare]Although I had an exercise trainer, I still went like I did or more like a farmer, "she joked to Graham.

The upcoming season of The crown will finally introduce Princess Diana, who is portrayed by Pennyworth Star Emma Corrin. While Prince William does not turn "on", you can see new episodes from November 17th.

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