Princess of Asturias Awards: what Queen Sofía said when asked about Juan Carlos’ absence

In her appearance at the Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony, Queen Sofía was approached by the press and consulted about the alleged crisis her marriage is going through Credit: Instagram: @casarealdeespana

The Queen Sofia arrived this morning at Oviedo to attend the delivery of the Princess Awards from Asturias, in what will be its most sober and lackluster edition due to the restrictions imposed by the crisis of the coronavirus. The monarch, who a few hours ago presided over the delivery of BMW Painting Awards accompanied by her sister Irene from Greece, takes up little by little and without losing her smile an official agenda that was conspicuous by its absence after her husband, the King Juan Carlos, left Spain by surprise at the beginning of August.

The rumors that the marriage of Queen Sofía and King Emeritus Juan Carlos is broken are incessant Credits: After casting

With the emeritus installed in the Arab Emirates and without knowing when he will return to Spain -although it was pointed out that he would return coinciding with October 12, Hispanic Day, it was not like that-, all eyes are on the queen, in knowing how he deals with the absence of Juan Carlos and if he maintains any kind of contact with the monarch. And it is that rumors that your marriage is more than broken are incessant, but the mother of King Felipe VI he prefers to turn a deaf ear to the information that has been published in recent times.

This morning, the queen had to face a dreaded question that she had been waiting for since the emeritus left Spain. It was upon his arrival at the Reconquista Hotel in Oviedo that a journalist approached him to ask if he had any kind of contact with Juan Carlos. And Doña Sofía’s response could not have been more eloquent when she exclaimed “Oh, what questions!“.



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