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Mikel Arteta has made official a fight in Arsenal training between Brazilian David Luiz and Spanish Dani Ceballos.

Last november 19, the midfielder ex-Betic Dani ceballos replied to a tweet of the journalist David Ornstein. In this it was indicated that a fight had happened in the training of the Arsenal. Sthorn the reporter, the central struck the Spaniard in the face during a match on the training ground. When Mikel Arteta blew the whistle signaling the end of the game, Ceballos it just gave him a strong entrance to the defense. Luiz responded to the entrance with a bang, and when Ceballos got up to face David Luiz your colleagues and the staff involvedOn to dissipate the fight.

After this serious news, the midfielder replied “FAKE” in the same tweet. Indicating that everything said above is just a hoax.

  • Mikel Arteta’s statements

After that he español deny the supposed Fight, the diary The Athletic, published a news in the That filtered all the information detailed. Before the filtration from information, in the wheel from press previous al match between Leeds United and Arsenal. Spanish coach Mikel Arteta spoke about what happened and angrily regretted the leaks of the information.

Arteta startedoh removing importance a the Fight with the following statements: «No nothing happens, they are frictions that usually happen in training, because these are competitive.

Athe coach neither the It seems well what those information shallgan to light: “I do not like him fact that that incident has come to light. I will find out where it comes from and if that is the case, that goes completely against what I expect from one and the other, there will be consequences. We need privacy and confidentiality.

It seems that the fight is going to be expensive for both of them, since according Spanish will have consequences.

Ceballos does not seem to have the best of relationships with his peers, and it is that, last 12 September faced Eddie Nketiah in a training before the game of the gunners in front of Fulham. These shared several thrustOnes and had to be separated by their peers.

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