Processor shortage begins to affect Apple

The production of components has been experiencing a significant shortage for a year that affects a large part of sectors and industries, such as Apple in this case.

Apple has had to slow down the production of some of its products due to a shortage of processors. This problem began a year ago when, as a result of the confinement caused by the pandemic, the chip factories had to stop their production, and although it did not take long to resume it, that shortage of supply continues to affect different industries.

The last large company to be affected has been Apple, which will cause a restriction on the sale of some of its products to the not having enough processors. The situation worsens as rumors suggest that Apple will introduce new iPads in the coming weeks and could also affect the production of its MacBook computers.

Given this shortage of microchip stocks at Apple, they seem to have adjusted the demand for them from manufacturers so that, at least, do not run out of iPhone production, the device that generates a greater proportion of your income.

One of the consequences of this chip shortage is that by not being able to assemble enough units of their products there will be a longer waiting period to be able to buy the affected equipment, also affecting the accumulated stock in the Apple Store and other establishments that sell Apple products. It is the usual policy of Apple and other companies to keep stocks to a minimum with which a delay of a few days or a few weeks can leave stores out of supply, making it impossible to sell some specific devices.

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