Alicia Michaud and Sheila Sponberg to Lynnsey G. Hickling, 136 Corey Colonial, $ 142,000.

BRN Mustang LLC and PCT Realty Ventures LLC at Agawam Org 1 LLC, 229 Main St., $ 500,000.

C. Lee Verrill and Jacqueline Verrill to Edmund Bissonnette, 49 Homer St., $ 223,000.

Carrie Garfield and Carrie F. Garfield to Robert Calise and Victoria Calise, 33 Seymour Ave., 272,847 USD.

Christopher D. Scott and Brenda J. Scott to Robert J. Goodfellow and Michelle R. Goodfellow, 152 Coyote Circle, $ 505,000.

Daniel P. McCarthy, Representative, and Eleanor M. McCarthy, Estate, Jeffrey A. Vogel Jr. and Laura A. Vogel, 180 James St., $ 268,000.

David P. Federico and Stephanie L. Federico to David Yates and Payden Yates, 73 Edward St., $ 244,000.

JCW Group LLC, to Zekion Properties LLC, 50 Regency Park Drive, Unit 50, 82,500 USD.

Joel D. Barlar and Talia D. Barlar to Andrew Pelvin and Danielle B. Pelvin, Highway 36, $ 270,000.

John H. Houle and Julie A. Houle to David P. Federico and Stephanie L. Federico, 15 Keller Circle, $ 380,000.

Kevin Buynicki, Lisa G. Buynicki and Lisa Gawron to Steven J. Dionne and Katelyn T. Dionne, 161 Suffield St., $ 214,000.

Michael T. Perry senior, Michael T. Perry and Ruth A. Perry to Stephanie L. Savard, 1197 Main St., $ 234,000.

Nicholas E. Gingras and Carissa L. Gingras to Michael Jeremy Consolini, 41 Trinity Terrace, $ 236,500.

Peter J. Smist and Deborah Smist to Terri S. Gardner and Frederick D. Gardner, 50 Bradford Drive, $ 253,500.

Susan T. Natale to Bogumila Nowik, 9 Plantation Drive, $ 120,000.


Mavis C. Campbell to Mavis C. Campbell, Trustee and Revocable Trust of Mavis C. Campbell, 5th Emerson Court, $ 100.

Erica G. Granchalek, personal representative, Dale R. Granchalek, personal representative, and Jean V. Gustafson, estate, to Bernard Rubinstein and Elissa H. Rubinstein, 25 Greenleaves Drive, 240,000 USD.

Thomas F. Lynn and Helen G. Lynn to Kharcho Palmo, 170 East Hadley Road, $ 166,800.

Raymond H. Otto to John W. Kinchla and Amanda J. Kinchla, 289 East Pleasant St., $ 355,000.

Robert J. Joy, Colleen Erickson, Personal Representative, Jean O. Joy and Colleen Erickson, Attorney Kevin J. Cullen and Weijuan Z. Cullen, 207 Snell St., $ 347,500.

Agnes C. Ting, Trustee and Ting Family Nominee Trust of 133 Fearing LLC, 133 Fearing St., $ 365,000.

Lucie H. Devries at Inci Korkmaz, 16 Morgan Circle, $ 385,000.


Michelle Aileen McConnell, Wendy Rose winner and Michael Riel to Cristina Labarre, Orchard Road, $ 20,000.

Robert J. Miltz and Linda R. Abrams to Michael M. Adamski, 1300 Federal St., 117,500 USD.

Stephen Swift and Susan L. Swift to Allen J. Fitzsimmons and Taylor B. Fitzsimmons, 19 Helen Lane, $ 530,000.

Diane P. Mager, Diane P. Gioiosi and Doug Mager to Darren Smith and Nadla Smith, 26 Stebbins St., $ 245,000.

George Wolfe and Jane E. Wolfe to Jason Ducharme and Karen Rapp, 17 Clark St., $ 234,000.

Edible Properties LLC, to George Wolfe and Jane E. Wolfe, 21 South Liberty St., 223,500 USD.

Todd A. Bucklin to Maria F. Marshall, 700 Franklin St., $ 285,000.


Kevin Churchill, Representative, Candice M. Perigard, Estate, Candace M. Churchill, Estate, and Todd Churchill at Arthur E. Perigard, 109-111 Sturbridge Road, 57,344 USD.

Stuart C. Hazen and Diane L. Hazen to Jonathan Ramzell and Jennifer Ramzell, Dunhamtown Brimfield Road 1240, $ 277,000.


Adar Realty LLC, to Joaquin Rodriguez, 1098 Chicopee St., $ 100,000.

Amaan Realty LLC, to Marisol Nazario, 196 Chicopee St., $ 223,000.

Eagle Discovery LLC, at Quality Beverage Limited Partnership, 880 Burnett Road, $ 5,000,000.

Enrique Ortiz to Pauline C. Fontaine, 190 Horseshoe Drive, Unit 6166A, $ 142,000.

Flavio Nunes Dacunha and Sarah E. Schaefer-Cunha to Almir Dias and Gisele Correia Lima Pinheiro, 41 Sullivan St., 145,840 USD.

J. Paul Singer and Joan M. Singer to Pamela Marie Sergienko, Chicopee Str. 343, Unit 21, 110,000 USD.

James Brown and Anne Brown to Regina Rivera and Maria Rivera-Torres, 112 Clark St., $ 175,000.

James J. Demers and Wendy L. Demers to Veronica Degonzalez, 35-37 Casino Ave., $ 240,000.

Joan A. Skypeck and Joan A. Bowler to Kristen Pope and Charles E. Pope Jr., 56 Fletcher Circle, $ 153,000.

Kenneth Tan at Hurricane Properties LLC, 11-13 Victoria Park, $ 215,000.

Mary Ann Kobylanski and Bogumil Kobylanski to Jeffrey Perrin and Gail M. Perrin, 119 Horseshoe Drive, 142,500 USD.

Mary Ann Miller to Everett J. Sexton, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, Unit 110, $ 137,000.

Maureen A. Desabrais and Zenaida Ortega to Cesar A. Colon, 21 Deslauriers St., $ 255,000.

Michael C. Goff at Hurricane Properties LLC, 51 Southwick St., $ 120,000.

Premier Home Builders Inc., to Maria M. Gauthier, Sheridan Avenue, $ 50,000.

Robert L. Nowak to Thomas R. Herbert, 57 Beesley Ave., $ 130,000.

Robert W. Jennings and Judith A. Jennings to Stacey Y. Tencza, 116 Dixie Terrace, $ 195,000.

Sergeo Arbuzov and Olga Arbuzov to Richard D. Gelinas and Mary M. Gelinas, 70 Watson St., $ 222,000.

Theresa M. Lacasse, Jeanette M. Nacewicz and Claire M. Chase to Whisperwood LLC, 168 Hampden St., 125,000 USD.

Tm Properties Inc., Receiver, Chicopee City Health, Louise E. King and Santander Bank to TM Properties Inc., 19-21 Emerald St., 181,293 USD.

Tracy A. Laduke, Tracy A. Samborski and Tracy A. Chute to Steven Roulston, 279 Bostwick Lane, $ 274,000.


Tiffany E. Angell to Lachlan M. Higgins, 112 River St., $ 130,000.


Caitlin E. Jennings, Caitlin Foley and Joseph E. Jennings to Stephen M. Shaw and Connie V. Shaw, 12 Brown Ave., 245,500 USD.

Michael F. Sego Jr. at Aidan F. Greenwood, 241 Berkshire Trail, $ 113,000.


Gregory T. Felton and Laura A. Felton to Anthony J. Tracia and Anthony Tracia Jr., 79 Boynton Road, $ 420,000.

Sharon Laisum Chan to Dwight P. Manley and Marcia R. Manley, 228 Lower Road, $ 455,000.

Anthony Martino to Lancelot J. Beck Jr. and Danielle J. Sullivan-Beck, 6 Lee Road, $ 346,000.

East Longmeadow

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co., Trustee and Specialty Underwriting & Residential Finance Trust 2005-BC3, Trustee of Dominic Kirchner II, Trustee, and Avet Realty, Trustee of 120 N Main St., 71.400 USD.

Donna M. Fox, Representative, Karen L. Merrill, Representative, and Margaret Merrill, Estate, to Michael Denson, 511 Somers Road, $ 180,000.

John F. Mahan IV and Sarah E. Mahan to John F. Mahan III and Joanne M. Mahan, 33, Glen Heather Lane, $ 300,000.

Kelly Osada and John Hayden Jr. to Tuan T. Bui and Tich X. Bui, 41 Schuyler Drive, $ 241,000.

Kenneth Grant Maxwell and Diana Maxwell to Melissa Christine Ford and Kristin Michelle Reamer, 19 Hanward Hill, $ 290,000.

Mary A. O'connor to Rodolphe Rivaux and Rebecca Mary Mercieri Rivaux, 144 Stonehill Road, $ 346,000.

Melissa Cuzzone to Kelly Osada, 87 Gates Ave., $ 282,500.

Pacific Ave Properties LLC, at Meadows Re LLC, 200 North Main St., Unit 3, $ 1,485,000.

Timber Development LLC, at Connor Frigon, 228 Shaker Road, 187,500 USD.

Wilbraham Builders Inc., to Nicolas P. Brosseau, Brittany A. Brosseau and Michael M. Sears, 101 Braeburn Road, 226,500 USD.

William D. Garber and Mary R. Garber to Sean M. Cooney, 57 Hillside Drive, $ 233,000.


Bunny Giniusz and Nathalie Giniusz to Todd J. Katz and Liese Turcotte, 143 Old State Road, $ 85,000.

Danielle C. Ethier and Jeffrey R. Ethier to Shane M. Linscott, 10 Ridge Road, $ 300,000.


Maureen J. Filiault to Thomas R. Currie and Charlene A. Currie, 297 Mountain Road, $ 223,000.


Paul C. Davidson, personal representative, Florence R. Davidson, estate, and Florence Davidson, estate, to Hayden Menard, 124 Kendall St., $ 80,000.

Mountain Stream LLC, an Equity Trust Co., Custodian, Robert J. Mitchell and Jean Mitchell, Batchelor Street, 62,500 USD.


Michael C. Stempel and Kileen M. Stempel to Nathaniel Meltzer and Emily Meltzer, 107 Riddell St., $ 290,000.

Dorothy A. Arsenault, Katherine M. Arsenault and Richard A. Bongiovanni to Lilian Rosca and Ludmila Rosca, 9 Cherry Lane, $ 235,000.

Paul M. Laude and Sandra Laude to Becky Lise Barnhart and Nissa Dawn Hallquist, 102 Riddell St., $ 315,000.

Edmond L. LaChapelle to Mariah A. Kurtz and William R. Pennington, 17 Holly Ave., 126,000 USD.

Greenfield KMW LLC, to John Chickanosky and Valerie Chickanosky, 128 Verde Drive, 363,000 USD.

Ann Marie Powers, "FKA" Ann Marie Powers-Singiser, at MSR Property Development LLC, 115 Chapman St., $ 150,000.


Marjorie P. Townsend and Marjorie Pratt Townsend to Nicolas R. Marino, Trustee, and Julia B. Lloyd, 18 Mt Warner Road and 18 Mount Warner Road, $ 270,000.

John T. Boisvert Jr. and Thomas J. Doubleday, Meadow Street Off, $ 55,000.

Walter J. Swartz to Walter J. Swartz and Jessica L. Diemand, 39 Roosevelt St., $ 195,000.

Jeffrey C. Mish at Vertical Assets LLC, Russell Street and Route 9, $ 152,000.

Windfield Family Apartments LP and Windfield Family Apartments Inc., general partner of CHC Winfield LLC, 439 Russell St., $ 8,035,000.

Windfields Senior Estates LP and Windfields Senior Estates Inc., general partner of CHC Windfield Senior LLC, 439 ½ Russell St., $ 6,000,000.


Aaron M. Suprenant and Ana M. Suprenant for Lianne A. Barr and Alan P. Barr, 11 Allen Place, $ 260,000.

Douglas A. Yandow to Mary A. O'connor, 33 Colony Drive, $ 295,000.

Douglas F. Blake and Barbara C. Blake to Clifford E. Bombard, 10 Southwood Circle, $ 257,500.

Scott E. Shepard and Jamie L. Shepard to David J. Demers and Wendy B. Demers, Glendale Road 134, $ 289,000.


Paul S. Ciechomski Jr. and Joan M. Ciechomski to Michael D. Bilodeau, 153 Depot Road, $ 290,000.

Katherine E. Putnam and Timothy G. Delaney to Helen B. Regan, Trustee, Katherine R. Snow, Trustee, and Regan Joint Revocable Trust, 31C Elm St., 454,500 USD.


Gary E. Munter and Nancy Barisano Munter to Clifford B. Long and Danielle B. Long, Mohawk Estates, 12,500 USD.


Michael Bogacz and Cara Bogacz to Heather M. Amons, 286 Mashapaug Road, $ 339,000.

Robert J. Benoit to Kevin B. Kennedy, May 90 Brook Road, $ 350,000.

Sean R. Higgins to Gary Sloan and Gail Sloan, 17 Williams Lane, 302,500 USD.


Brian A. Gamache and Christine Gamache to John F. Fogarty, 8 Coronet Road, 225,500 USD.

Deborah Schwartz and Aeryca Steinbauer to Steven L. Fournier, 18 Howard St., $ 246,000.

Evelyn Cruz-Colon, Jose D. Colon and Evelyn Cruz to Nelson Ramos and Jennifer Ramos, 387 S Elm St., $ 217,000.

Holyoke Gas & Electric to race Street Properties LLC, 12 Bowers St., $ 10,001.

Keybank to Socrate A. Lopez, 121 Beech St., $ 41,000.

Mark S. Forkey and Neil S. Forkey to Virginia R. Bienvenue, 54 Arden St., $ 220,000.

Mary C. McKay, Estate, and Karen M. Nolan, Representative of Karen Collins, 4 Wayne Court, 214,900 USD.

Milton Hilton LLC, at Alaska Assets LLC, 130 Middle Water St., $ 475,000.

Milton Hilton LLC, at Alaska Assets LLC, 140 Middle Water St., $ 100,000.

Monika Urbanowicz, Representative, Krystyna Urbanowicz, Estate, Adam Urbanowicz and Yvonne Urbanowicz at Greenesmith LLC, 5 Parkview Terrace, $ 315,000.

Robert M. Jones and Marilyn C. Jones to Darcy Lambert, 39 Fairfield Ave., 195,900 USD.

Sean Sylvester and Jessica Sylvester to Rita Parra, 15 View St., $ 199,900.

Stephen A. Foster to Christopher J. Lusignan, 15 Autumn St., $ 229,000.

Stephen M. Corrigan and Maureen A. Corrigan to Victor H. Rodriguez Sr. and Joanna Rodriguez, 183 Allyn St, $ 308,000.

Susan Young, representative, and James B. J. Hoar, estate, to Jose D. Colon and Evelyn Colon, 20 Arden St., 174,900 USD.

Teresita Guerra after Joshua Perreault, 3 Fenton St., $ 202,900.

Victor Gorobinskiy and Svetlana Gorobinskiy to Jeremy J. Cotton, 266 Southampton Road, 570,000 USD.


Betty Rae Poppo to Christopher Carr and Anne Frates Slick, 22 Englewood Road, 565,000 USD.

Cynthia C. Gianelly, estate, and Catherine G. Myren, representative of Robert C. Gianelly, 38 Concord Road, $ 410,000.

Edward M. Sluis to Marie A. Louis Jean, 58 Meadow Road, $ 230,000.

Paul B. Markarian, Mary Jo I. O'Leary and Virginia A. Lewis to McKenna A. Cox, 836 Longmeadow St., 325,000 USD.


Antonio G. Crespo to Frederick J. Roper and Deborah A. Roper, Timberidge Road, $ 95,000.

Barbara Capuano, Managing Director, Jay C. Capuano, estate, and Jay Capuano, estate, to Todd Hickman and Michelle A. Hickman, 30 Bondsville Road, $ 60,000.

Barbara LaFountain and Denise LaFountain at Todd Dauplaise, 90 Timberidge Road, $ 390,000.

Chocorua Realty Investments LLC, to Michelle Lynn Bradway-Marshall and Jarrod Marshall, 14 Salli Circle, $ 255,500.

Gloria A. Axiotis and Gloria A. Trolio to E. Marshall Lauber and Elizabeth A. Lauber, 39 Nash Hill Road, $ 350,000.

Janet Rivera and Janet Leroux to Matthew Pagliaro and Amanda Pagliaro, 52 Hill Terrace, $ 257,900.

Jermone D. Mayou, Michelle M. Mayou and Jerome D. Mayou at Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, 39 Andrew St., $ 68,000.

Lance J. Boutin and Christina M. Boutin to Evgeniy L. Zhigalin, 162 Piney Lane, $ 245,000.

Ludlow Housing Authority to Andrzej Lipior and Halina Lipior, 668 Center St., $ 101,000.

Pamela A. Fleming and Pamela A. Flemming to Brian Conroy and Leslie Conroy, 205 Chapin St., $ 250,000.

Whitetail Wreks LLC at Justin Martins and Ashley Martins, Autumn Ridge Road, 139,900 USD.

Whitetail Wreks LLC to Kevin M. Bowen and Lyn M. Lourenco, Autumn Ridge Road, 139,900 USD.


Anthony W. Fischetti Jr. and Kimberly F. Fischetti to Eric J. Colon and Jessie J. P. Boyle, Moulton Hill Road, $ 316,000.

Globe Source LLC, at Bropod LLC, 354 Boston Road, $ 675,000.

Kristen N. Whalen to Craig M. Johnson, Angel D. Ward and Jeanne Yvonne Johnson, 139 Cote Road, $ 315,000.

Quaboag Construction Corp. to Kevin J, Jordan, and Maria R, Jordan, 34 May Hill Road, $ 297,000.

Quaboag Construction LLC, at Quaboag Construction Corp., 34 May Hill Road, $ 40,000.


Lancelot J. Beck, Jr., Danielle J. Sullivan-Beck, also known as Danielle J. Sullivan, to Matthew J. Welcome and Rose E. Welcome, 95 Turners Falls Road, $ 219,900.

Edward F. Wilcox III and Toni S. Wilcox to Dianne C. Interlande and Paul A. Interlande, 41 Central St., $ 185,000.


Alyx S. Akers to Andrew Leblanc and Adrienne Leblanc, 1006 Florence Road, $ 505,000.

James J. Cummings to William J. Thron and Erin F. Thron, 202 South St., $ 630,000.

Mary Elizabeth Christenson, estate, Jon N. Christenson, personal representative, and Mary E. Christenson, estate, to Jessica L. Christenson, 29 Keyes St., $ 309,500.

Richard A. Bushey Jr., Jason Bushey, Jason Bushey, Personal Representative, and Joanne C. Bushey, Estate, to Matthew R. Bushey, 984 Park Hill Road, $ 231,250.

Isobel A. McMahon and Caroline E. Raisler to Gretna Green Development Corp., 3 Wright Ave., $ 138,500.

Sunwood Development Corp. to Pedro E. Levy, Trustee, Roberta Maital London-Levy, Trustee, and Lador Vador Trust, 117 Olander Drive, 534,251 USD.

Kathleen L. Richards to Robert A. Richards, 32 Fort St, $ 100.


Etienne J. Leguern Jr. at Gael Wakefield, 128 South Shore Drive, 152,500 USD.

128 Mechanic Street Realty Trust, Scott F. White and Tammi J. White, Trustees, to Patrick F. O & Brien and Kerri O & O Brien, 128 Mechanic St., $ 145,000.

US Bank NA, Trustee, by a lawyer, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc., attorney, at Abdullah Usman, 341 South Main St., $ 80,000.


Edward A. Labrode and Louise E. Labrode to Layne Breton, 44 Meadowbrook Lane, $ 135,000.

Frances M. Rutkowski to Mark J. Soya and Colleen E. Soya, 109 Robinson St., $ 265,000.

Henry L. Rigali to Terence A. Blair and Linda Blair, 116 Nipmuck St., $ 365,000.

Lisa Borlen and Lisa M. Borlen to Mearlin Dwyer, 20 Bourne St., $ 225,000.


Barbara J. Weisman to Mia McKenzie-Ascencio and Carmenleah McKenzie-Ascencio, 13 South Valley Road, $ 347,000.

William Cameron Weimar to Deborah J. Ernest, Trustee, and Frank Ernest Family Trust, 51 Amherst Road, $ 205,000.


Mountain Stream LLC, to Olan Thompson and Lily Thompson, Hawley Street, 34,900 USD.

Mountain Stream LLC, to Steven M. Sanislo and Melody Sanislo, Hawley Street, $ 45,000.


Beverly J. Wilander to Lance R. Cote and Dawn M. Cote, 275 Woodland Way, $ 325,000.

Jason Pappas to Sergey Glukhovskiy and Marina Glukhovskiy, 103 Dickinson Hill Road, $ 206,000.

Linda M. Costa at William J. Bazyk, 1104 Huntington Road, 46,500 USD.

South Hadley

Donald Rondeau and Anita Rondeau to Roger G. Weger and Pauline Weger, 10 San Souci Drive, $ 675,000.

Edward J. Kuras and Carolyn J. Kuras to David Pawlikowski and Tricia Danio, 94 Willimansett St., 100 USD.

Jason Balut to Joan M. Ciechomski and Paul S. Ciechomski, 60 Judd Ave., $ 290,000.

Kenneth F. Mruk and Kathleen A. Mruk to Nicholas E. Gingras and Carissa L. Gingras, 20 Carriage Lane, $ 382,500.

Margaret C. Giustina to Joseph W. Isabelle, 12 Cypress Drive, $ 175,000.

Genti Lagji and Amanda R. W. Lagji to Brian A. Baird and Briana L. Baird, 25 McKinley Ave., 221,500 USD.

Lillian Laprade to Darlene Laprade, 28 Carlton St., $ 25,000.

Deborah A. Noyes to Ibrahim Ali and Ana Guimil, 59 High St., 231,680 USD.

Richard F. Buckley Jr. and Linda M. Rowland-Buckley to Deanna E. Dixon and Patricia M. Koch, 20 Rivercrest Way, $ 415,000.

Katie M. Denison, Katie M. Pelc and Katie Denison at Devin Gale and Ashley Gale, 7 Linden Drive, $ 214,000.

Jed T. Hollingsworth, Jordyn Hollingsworth to Keith Roy and Cassandra Roy, 24 Westbrook Road, 244,900 USD.


Joseph A. Rovelli and Pamela Rovelli to Christopher David Scott and Brenda Jeanne Scott, 35 Deer Run Road, $ 610,000.

Joshua J. Kelleher and Ashley Kelleher to Andrew Benjamin Hawley and Kristin Marie Hawley, 18 Ed Holcomb Road, $ 320,000.

Mark A. Plasse and Kristine M. Plasse to James M. Skiff and Lori J. Skiff, Rails End, Unit 15A, 345,000 USD.

Tracy A. Hess to Joel D. Barlar and Talia D. Barlar, 153 Fred Jackson Road, $ 419,000.

Travis Moszynski and Kaitlynn Silva to Andrew D. Galaska and Anna L. Galaska, 16 Birchwood Road, $ 295,000.


Annie G. Lewis to Benjamin F. Lester, 146 Bowles St., $ 44,000.

Anthony I. Wilson and Kahntapht S. Wilson to Donovan G. Henry and Jennifer M. Henry, Bradley Road 1245, $ 230,000.

Bank of America to Dominic Kirchner II, Trustee, and Zadkiel Realty Trust, Trustee, 16-18 Malden St., 81,952 USD.

Bilal Awkal to Omar Loaiza, 163 Kimberly Ave., $ 80,000.

Caryn Salwen and James Mooney to Christopher B. Kultzow, 52 Eckington St., 297,500 USD.

Cheryl K Boissonneault and Lianne M Lemire to Cassandra Rivers and Seth Boissonneault, 16 Carlos St, $ 192,000.

Craig R Harbor and Ryan A. Harbor to Steven Demers, 106 Hartwick St., $ 204,000.

Darryl F. Reavis and Darlene L. Reavis to Wachezaji Investment Group LLC, 99-101 Princeton St., 60,000 USD.

David J. Demers and Wendy B. Demers to Damien P. LaChapelle and Amanda R. LaChapelle, 124 Dorset St, $ 16,990.

Dennis N. Crowley and Alice R. Crowley to Jason E. Corbin, Sumner Ave. 193, 256,000 US dollars.

Desmond E. Farrell and Juliet M. Farrell to Jennifer C. Daley, 90 Lucerne Road, $ 143,900.

Douglas Leclair and Pamela Leclair to Debra J. Margoles, 36 Barry Wills Place, $ 238,900.

Elido Nunez after Rafael Garcia, 477-479 Newbury St., $ 149,000.

Eric M. Goddard and Grace Goddard to Maxim Michael Arbuzov, 97-99 Michon St., $ 205,000.

Erica Barker, Erica Martins Fonseca and Elisa Martins at Jessica Spiece, 1293 Bradley Road, $ 199,500.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose L. Ortiz and Marjorie Lopez Martinez, 83 Oakdale St., $ 172,500.

Frank Nataloni and Joan Nataloni to Sandra P. West, 143 Woodland Road, $ 245,000.

Fumi Realty Inc. to Jessica Lynn Pafumi, 123 Skyridge Drive, $ 246,000.

Roman Catholic Bishop of Sprinfield at Tanashe Edwards, 24 Sidney Place, $ 50,000.

Jacqueline White and Berlin White at Basilio Castro, 50 Eddy St., $ 168,000.

James W. Gelinas, Representative, Alberta Bernardo Estate, Alberta May Walsh Estate, and Alberta May Bernardo Estate, Bretta Construction LLC, 320 Herbert Ave., $ 30,300.

Jenette Betita, agent, Jacqueline Baido Oloan, estate, and Jacqueline Baido, estate, to Marwan Alassan, 276 Gresham St., $ 170,000.

Joseph C. Gomila and Traci L. Gomila to Kathy Huynh, 174-176 Woodlawn St., $ 153,000.

Judith C. Babcock to Dulce Maria Garcia Vazquez, 170 South Branch Parkway, $ 202,000.

Karen A. Mulvihill, Karen Rapp and Jason Ducharme to Annie Y. Vila, 93 Finch Road, $ 185,000.

Kec Properties LLC, at Luz Rivera, 90-92 Marsden St., $ 170,000.

Keith C. Hann and Lisa J. Hann to Claribel Bonet-Reveron, 1809 Roosevelt Ave., $ 120,000.

Keith Roy and Cassandra Roy at Samantha Jones, 129 Hanson Drive, $ 180,000.

Laura A. Dean, Representative, Kenneth Lawrence Farris, Estate, Cynthia Farris, Robert S. Farris and Burton Louis Farris Jr., to Ruby Realty LLC, 68 San Miguel St., $ 32,200.

Le & Associates LLC, to Robert R. Rivers, Sandra N. Rivers, Sandra Nancy Rivers and Robert Ray Rivers, 124 Myrtle St., $ 220,900.

Lela M. Bennett and Thomas P. Bennett Sr. at Luz Marie Pacheco, 446-448 Carew St., $ 197,000.

Lloyd Harris and Carol Harris to MBC Properties LLC, 50 Commonwealth Ave., $ 120,000.

Margaret Chick to Jared H. Sundberg and Melinda A. Sundberg, 150 Almira Road, $ 185,500.

Mark J. Mancini and Jamie L. Erickson to Janna Mayersky and Steven Mayersky, 76 Hazen St., $ 196,000.

Martha J. Lessard to Mamba Capital LLC, 48 Homestead Ave., $ 86,500.

Matthew J. Spear and Shiri Spear to Tiana L. Sanchez, 89 Midway St., $ 175,000.

Matthew S. Fearn to Edwin Velez, 19 Hughes St., $ 161,000.

Matthew W. Pagliaro and Amanda A. Pagliaro to Amanda R. Poirier, 37 Middlebrook Drive, $ 198,500.

Michael M. Bryant Sr. and Lori A. Bryant to Eddie N. Melendez and Kristen M. Gagnon-Melendez, 3 Schley St., $ 80,000.

Michael Simmonds at Sage Home Builders LLC, Crosby St., $ 21,000.

Michelle M. Lewis, Michelle M. Mutcherson and Jeremy J. Lewis to Antonio Rodriguez Jr., 177 Shawmut St., 145,500 USD.

Mister Mister LLC, to BTS Realty LLC, 131 Florida St., 415,000 USD.

MTGLQ Investors LP, to Faisal Manahi, 65 Wait St., $ 110,000.

Nafiz Al-khatib and Nafiz Al Khatib to MBC Properties LLC, 25-27 Humbert St., $ 125,000.

Noel E. Sweeney to Hayden Wattley and Doreen Wattley, 501 Oak St., $ 118,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, and Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-2, trustee of, at Vozzella Property Management LLC, 103 Ontario St., 83,150 USD.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee and Securitized Asset Backed Receivable Trust 200 7-BR4 LLC, Trustee of Mamba Capital LLC, 71 Meredith St., 99.645 USD.

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Springfield at Mary-Ann Barnes, 146 Thompson St., $ 195,000.

Paul M. Barrows and Lauri J. Barrows to Angela McGary, 273 Nottingham St., $ 157,000.

Richard C. Robinson and Louise Robinson to Ryan J. Robinson, 102 Nassau Drive, $ 50,000.

Rock Walker, Representative, and Omo S. Walker, estate of Wesley H. James Sr. and Eulah Marie James, 47 Brook St., $ 120,000.

Sandra P. West and Wilton W. West to Laurie A. Jolly, 50 Northampton Ave., 172,500 USD.

Shameon Holcomb, Shannon Franco-Devalle, Sarah Franco, Daryl S. Akers, Leola A. Akers, Leola A. Loman, Lawrence E. Akers, Representative, and Mary Earlene Akers, Estate, Tannesa Suban, 192-194 Westford Circle, 200,000 U.S. dollar.

Sherry L. LaBonte, Representative, and Francis R. Bovat, Estate, to Lilliam E. Ramos, 24 Deveau St., $ 143,000.

Springfield City to Westside Housing Inc., Worthington Street, 5,035 USD.

Springsan Co., LLC, to OSJ of Springfield LLC, 1686 Boston Road, $ 3,504,000.

Tanashe Edwards to Anthony Bourget, 24 Sidney Place, $ 75,000.

Thomas Plante to Dorothy Plante, 294 Roosevelt Ave., $ 100.

Timber Development LLC, at Collin Drew, Allen Ridge Road, 239W, $ 230,000.

Ting Chang and Zhenhua Li at Luz Adina Herrera, 85 Hampshire St., $ 196,900.

True Blue Personal Touch LLC to save Master Funding XII, LLC, 739 Boston Road, $ 3,833,952.

US Bank at Emtay Inc., 130 Bowles St., 70,500 USD.

Value Properties LLC, to Miguel Crespo, 34 Brown St., 113,900 USD.

Wells Fargo Bank to Shu Cheng, 127 Daviston St., $ 65,000.

William J. Sepaniak and Susan L. Sepaniak to Benjamin Rivera and Omayra Rivera Valle, 28 Biella St., $ 240,000.

Willie Morales to Kelisha Grant, 59 State Street Terrace, $ 97,500.


Donald Daros and Stacy L. Daros to William D. Keeley III and Ivelisse Keeley, Forest Road, 2,500 USD.


Joseph O. Lavoie Sr. and Edna M. Lavoie at Locks Nest LLC, 39 Fountain Road, $ 335,000.


Patricia C. Ramos to Patricia A. Ramos and April Ramos, 67 Shoreline Drive, $ 100.

Edward Walsh and Teresita D. Walsh to Matthew Gallagher and Kimberly Gallagher, 31 Warebrook Drive, $ 128,000.

Erin L. Defoyd and Erin L. Mascroft to Erin L. Defoyd, 37 Homecrest Ave., 100 USD.

Kristin Trudel to Melissa Rose Benoit and Brian M. Rucki, 29 Highland St., $ 180,000.

West Springfield

Andrew J. Fiala and Bridget Fiala to Richard T. Jordan III, 151 Woodmont St., $ 205,000.

CKMM LLC, to 502 Union Station LLC, 216 Norman St., $ 200,000.

David M. Siegel and Heather M. Siegel to Charles L. Annette and Kiersten M. Annette, 50 Harney St., $ 205,000.

Debra L. Mongeau, Representative, Mabel Elizabeth Sanborn, Estate, M. Elizabeth Sanborn, Estate, and Mabel E. Sanborn, Estate, to Angel L. Crespo and Morayma I. Gonzalez, 104, Charles Ave., $ 168,000.

Joanne M. Cebula to Matthew A. Preuss, 154 Ely Ave., $ 268,000.

Karen A. Barrett, Maureen F. Healy and Dennis W. Leahy to Matthew Scott Fowler, 14 Wilder Terrace, $ 146,000.

Mustafa F. Niyazov and Sabina Niyazov to Gladys V. Perez, 322 Main St., $ 270,000.

Norah Lusignan to Katherine Mary Filamonte, 19-3 Colony Road, Unit 2A, 67,500 USD.

Normand R. Bergeron, Norman R. Bergeron, Muriel P. Bergeron and Muriel T. Bergeron to Andrew J. Fiala and Bridget Fiala, 340 Sibley Ave., 259,900 USD.

Paula L. Murphy to Koch Real Estate Corp., 68 George St., $ 80,000.

Ram K. Sanyasi and Tila Sanyasi to Luis G. Pagan and Tonya M. Velasquez, 32 Chapin St., $ 144,000.

Robert E. Mattson Jr. to Tiffany B. Mattson, 191 Central Miami St., $ 225,000.

Roland M. Navone and Joanne K. Navone to Tracey L. Navone, 154 Ely Ave., $ 160,000.

SRV Properties LLC, to Tristin J. Edwards and Maygen E. Tosado, 24 Hampden St., 142,500 USD.

Steve T. Iacolo, Emily J. Iacolo and Emily J. Konieczny to Arthur Edward Wheeler Jr. and Deborah Ann Wheeler, 65 Talcott Ave., 177,400 USD.

Steven Dionne and Katelyn T. Dionne to Ruben J. Lopez Jr. and Barbara Pagan-Torres, 23 Kelso Ave., $ 145,000.

Yahaira Baez to Amir Abou Aitah, 44 Colony Road, Unit 44, $ 79,000.


Donald J. Roy and Jamie M. Roy to Christopher Sportello and Candace Sportello, 56 Cardinal Lane, 469,900 USD.

Douglas J. Fuller and Kim Fuller to Patrick C. Chambers and Carolyn B. Chambers, 17 Mockingbird Lane, $ 448,800.

Elizabeth Mojica to Alex J. Blair, 166 Hillside Road, Unit 5, 129,500 USD.

James R. Budreau to Valerie Ramos Pok, 38 Bushman Ave., $ 190,000.

John Harrelson and Jocelyn Harrelson to Patrick Coty and Jessica Coty, 43 Waterford Drive, $ 412,000.

John P. Zielinski, Chester J. Zielinski and Patricia Connors to Prime Partners LLC, 6 Miller St., 126,750 USD.

John R. Borges and Judith A. Borges to David J. Bishop and Barbara S. Bishop, 330 Buck Pond Road, $ 325,000.

John R. Ciampaglia and Marie Ciampaglia to Allan Charles Eldridge, 37 Highland View St., $ 173,000.

Joseph D. Binan and Kimberly A. Binan to Deana M. Gasperini, 167 Elizabeth Ave., $ 265,000.

Kevin Chrisanthopoulos and Tracey Chrisanthopoulos to Benjamin Beaulieu and Christina Beaulieu, 121 Hillcrest Circle, $ 425,000.

Matthew A. Preuss and Katelyn A. Preuss to Aleksandar Gnjidic, 598 Loomis St., $ 285,000.

Melanie A. Nitsch and Douglas E. Hanson to Eric H. Nitsch and Melanie A. Nitsch, 46 Highland Ave., 88,034 USD.

Michael A. Ruffo and Casey Ruffo at Gene Pierce, 76 East Silver St., $ 172,000.

Michael Parker, Representative, and Leura J. Parker, Estate, to Oleg Abramchuk, 114 Union St., 162,100 USD.

Mindy Norton to Jennifer E. Gilbert, 5 Reservoir Ave., $ 190,000.

Richard E. Strong, representative, and Albert E. Strong, estate, to Shawn A. Gaudette and Meagan Gaudette, 78 Rosedell Drive, $ 192,000.

Richard T. Loftus and Sherry L. Dalton Loftus to James R. Budreau, 350 Valley View Drive, $ 245,000.

Robert P. Cunningham and Nina M. Cunningham to Barry S. Lanham Jr. and Lina M. Lanham, 144 Pineridge Drive, $ 455,000.

Shaun P. McConkey and Nancy A. McConkey to Kevin Chrisanthopoulos and Tracey Chrisanthopoulos, 35 Whispering Wind Road, $ 580,000.

Shelley S. Gutowski and Rita M. Slasinski to Daniel R. Gagnon and Julie A. Gagnon, 3-5 Ashley St., $ 267,000.

Stephen J. Oleksak and Teresa A. Oleksak to Michael A. Ruffo and Casey Ruffo, 41 Grenier Drive, $ 230,000.

Wilfrid J. Bourque Jr. and Cynthia J. Bourque to Lisa A. Pellegrini, 52 Park Circle, $ 175,800.


Ian T. Stith and Kelly M. Challet to Timothy J. Kilbride and Emily C. Kilbride, 196 Reservoir Road, $ 290,000.


Jeffrey C. Lewis, Linda M. Lewis, and Jeffrey A. Lewis to Mouna Almasri and Faissal Khachaneh, 3276 Boston Road, $ 135,000.

Michael G. Dowd and Roberta J. Dowd to Justin P. Tatsch and Ariel R. Tatsch, 9 Chilson Road, $ 257,000.


Jacob M. Cunningham and Gisella G. Zuniga to Rachel M. Clay, 24 North Farms Road, $ 347,500.